Surplus lots go to auction

Current housing market drives interest in sales


The Kingsbury County Board of County Commissioners met Thurs., June 9 at the Kingsbury County Courtto canvas votes and conduct their regular meeting.


State's Attorney Gary Schumacher attended the meeting, assisting the commissioners with how to handle surplus property. The commissioners discussed multiple lots they would like to surplus and sell to take advantage of the current housing market and high demand.

The main focus was three lots, located on a hill, that someone would like to purchase. They agreed that all three lots should be sold together, and they should start by declaring those lots as surplus to make them available for sale. Then, they will proceed with other properties.

All properties will have to be appraised before they can sell them, and they won’t be able to sell any property for less than 90% of the appraised value. The commissioners discussed and agreed that once the properties are available for sale, they will set a date for bids. Everyone who places a bid of at least 90% of the appraised value would then meet and have a chance to raise their bids. The highest bidder could purchase the property.

Another property the commissioners discussed for surplus was a road ditch. Commissioner Corey Lundquist suggested contacting adjacent landowners to see if they would be interested in purchasing the ditch, as he stated, “Who else would want to buy a road ditch?” The commissioners agreed.


Lundquist suggested getting a donation box for the courthouse. Many visitors come through De Smet and stop to look at the statues in front of the courthouse; the commissioners all agreed it would be a good idea to get a secure donation box by the statues for people to place donations. The money collected from the donation box would be used for upkeep, beautification and addition of statues.


Rita Anderson, De Smet Development Corporation Director, attended the meeting and gave commissioners an update on plans for the Kingsbury County/Highway 14 Trail. She informed them that the City of De Smet has agreed to give access to property along the proposed trail, so the group is looking to move the trail path; the boardwalk needed to cross the Big Slough is substantially smaller than they had previously planned, which is a considerable savings. The Highway 14 Trail team is researching a product called EZ Dock for the boardwalk, which can adjust to changing water levels.

Anderson also informed the commissioners that the Game, Fish & Parks suggested putting in a tower for bird watching, and the team is pursuing solar lighting for the kiosk area.

She would like to involve surrounding communities with the trail, requesting commissioners’ help in connecting her with people in their areas, so she could invite them to attend a county meeting and form a community-wide plan.

Anderson invited the commissioners to a cookout by the trail location, where they could meet with the National Parks Service and Game, Fish & Parks to get a better idea of what the trail will be like. Also, a section of an EZ Dock will be there for commissioners to see for themselves.

The public is invited to the kiosk area on Highway 14 on June 24 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. to meet with the team and the National Park Service and learn more about the plans.

“It makes such a difference to be out there and see in person what we are proposing for the trail,” said Anderson.


• The De Smet Fire Department requested a special liquor license for the pageant site. Since no parties came to dispute it, the commissioners granted permission.

• Election canvas for sheriff: Steven Strande won the election with 816 votes against Wade Hoefert, who had 469.

• Two employees were granted reimbursement for COVID sick days.

• Planning and Zoning: approved all requested plats: Kingston Addition, Poverty Flats Addition and Donna’s Addition


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