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The clock was the ‘tock of the town’


Billie Sargent of Huron was the speaker Sept. 27 at the Presbyterian church.

Our sympathy goes out to Julie (Halverson) Montagne and other relatives as her son, Justin, was killed in a car accident last weekend. His funeral was on Thursday. And our thoughts and prayers also go out to Dennis and Debbie Ranschau as his sister, Susan Hanson, was killed in an accident last weekend. Her husband also was injured.

A little shower passed through De Smet Sunday evening, and the temperature dropped. It seemed a lot colder than the 47 degrees the Dakotaland signboard stated about 6:30 p.m. A lot more of the trees had changed to a beautiful golden color, and you could see more of the bright yellow color in the tree strips. More of the wonderful things about our lovely South Dakota.


Milk was furnished to the town in the middle 1910's by the local hotel man (a Mr. Thompson). Two cows were staked out east of town.

The first model T in town was owned by the depot agent.

Bill Tobey had an air-cooled Franklin.

At one time, Esther Taschner Nordland gave marcels (an artificial wave in the hair created with a curling iron) in the mezzanine of Perry's Store. She also gave perms in the barber shop.

Grandma Hayback raised chickens and sold eggs.

Mr. Benjamin owned the first grandfather's clock. It was the “tock of the town.”

During the 1930's, Friday night was the night for card parties. Everyone took sandwiches or a cake and a lamp. Sometimes there were as many as 14 tables for “500”. Houses were shared, and everyone had a good time.

At the local drugstore, a drink called Lyko could be purchased for 25 cents a shot. There seemed to be an aura of mystery connected with this potion as people would sidle up to the bar and, in a low voice, ask for a shot. A small glass would appear from under the counter, and an appropriate amount of liquid poured into it. The patron would down the drink and go on his way feeling rejuvenated for having partaken of the forbidden elixir. The truth of the matter was that the patron had taken a drink which was actually a laxative.


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