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To join a baseball, softball league or not?


Kingsbury County Director of Equalization met Monday with the Lake Preston City Council to explain property assessments and to leave a packet of information for each council member. Residents throughout the county will be receiving their assessments shortly, and Anderson is visiting all the municipalities in the county to bring them up to speed.

In Lake Preston, if a resident wishes to appeal the assessed value of their property, they have until March 17 to appeal in writing to city finance officer Brenda Klug. The council can begin boards (meeting with residents to consider their appeals) on March 21. The boards must be completed by that Friday, March 25. Anderson said the council members and Mayor Andy Wienk can check with Klug after the March 17 deadline to see how many appeals they might have to hear so they can schedule accordingly.

In other business

• Amber Nelson has been hired as the 2022 girls softball coach. It had been discussed that Lake Preston has not been able to get as many games as they would like. Nelson met with the council to discuss the possibility of joining a league, like many other area towns have done. The league would set up schedules and get sponsorships, but there are regulations to follow. Discussion focused on drawbacks as well as the benefits of joining a league. The city will be sending out surveys to parents for more input. The deadline for joining is March 1.

• Council member Brian Verhey suggested raising city sales tax by half a cent to help finance an upcoming street project for the east-west running streets.

“What I’m getting at is instead of raising water, sewer and garbage rates again, we share some costs with the tourists.” This option was discussed.

Council member Kristen Longville, who was attending telephonically, said while she loved that idea, they need to get those rates to where they are supposed to be. She pointed out that rates had not been raised in small increments over the years like they should have been, and that was why they had to go with a substantial increase recently. She pointed out that they just had to cut $50,000 from the budget.

“We have to stop eating the cost. We can’t keep cutting away from the budget,” she stated.

• City employee Brian Zeeck reported that he and Doug Bumann have continued to rebuild the city picnic tables by taking the boards off and repainting the frames and the wood. If the wood is bad, that is replaced.

“It’s a timely process, but they are going to look good,” he said. Zeeck and the council also discussed phase I of the street project, including where to store the leftover gravel (the city will be able to use the gravel moving forward), but the amount will be significant at 12,000 tons.

“We don’t want that sitting on someone’s property for a couple years,” council member Trent Nelson said. The consensus was to check with the development board to see if the airport property would be available.

• Mayor Andy Wienk’s term will expire this year, as well as council members John McMasters, Ward III; Donna Bumann, Ward II; and Trent Nelson, Ward I. Those wishing to run for one of these elected positions can pick up a petition at City Hall after Jan. 28. Petitions with signatures must be turned back in by Feb. 25.

• Council approved Rick Olson’s request to block off a portion of Main Avenue on the third Sunday in July for the annual car show sponsored by the Kingsbury Klassic Kruisers, and to reserve the community room for registrations.


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