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Spirit Lake Presbyterian Church Service Sunday at 10:30 a.m., 88.1 FM Radio, Live Facebook; Adult and Children Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.; Pastor Dick Poppen speaks on KWAT radio Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Adult Bible Study Monday at 7 p.m. Wednesday 6-8 p.m. youth group, grades 1-6. All welcome.

Since I didn’t have any news this week, I will try my hand at some rhyme. Please bear with me.

Fall is here, the signs are showing,

With timely rains, there is still lots of mowing.

Summer flowers are soon fading away,

Making room for the fall ones to show their rays.

The leaves on trees turn and fall to the ground,

From green to yellow and golden brown.

If you’re lucky to not have a Locust tree,

You would not have those nasty bananas that so plague me.

Crickets are coming, but boxelder bugs not seen yet,

But I’m sure they too will show up yet.

Monarch butterflies, I’ve seen a few,

They have such beauty, as they fly in view.

Farmers are busy with corn silage and such,

Mowing ditches along roadsides, need that final touch.

Gardens have flourished, some large and some small,

For consuming, freezing or canning this fall.

Students return to classes to learn,

With safety and health issues our biggest concern.

Learning, activities and sports to name a few,

Keep students, parents and grandparents so busy, too.

So, as we approach the coming days,

Be careful, thankful and guide your ways.

Respect one another and speak with love,

For it’s what is wished from the One above.


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