Letter to the editor

County road concerns


I went to the County Commissioners to express concerns with county road conditions, not to be combative. I was hoping to get answers to things I didn’t understand.

“Why did all of these paved roads get turned back to gravel?” I asked.

What I received was a confusing, incoherent response. I believe either the commissioners do not know why all of these roads went back to gravel, or they were not willing to share the answer. 

“Why is there no routine preventative maintenance being performed?” I also asked.

I showed pictures of a road overrun with sunflowers, gravel roads with major drainage problems and paved roads with grass growing in cracks. They were from roads in 4 of the 5 districts. I also provided real world numbers on crack sealing our paved roads.

Here are some of the highlights that I feel people should know. I was told by the Highway Superintendent that it is common for grass to grow in cracks on oil roads. He also explained that the drainage problems were because it’s a dry year, even though they haven’t drained properly since at least 2019.

Commissioner Kazmerzak told me during the meeting that he believes that our county roads are better than our “neighbors.” When he brought up a tax increase, I let him know that it had been done before. However, the last time it happened, the vehicle registration went up drastically, a wheel tax was applied, but the roads have continued to deteriorate. 

I was very thankful for Commissioners Lee and Spilde. They have shown me actual concern from the neglect. I thanked the commissioners for their time and let them know that I was not asking for gravel to return to oil. I was simply asking the county to do the same type of maintenance as our neighbors.

Brett Anderson, Lake Preston


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