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Wash day back in the days


Brr, but it’s cold. At least the wind isn’t blowing at this writing. A temperature of 25º below on Sunday.

Spirit Lake Presbyterian Church will hold Ash Wednesday services at 7 p.m. Feb. 17. There will be no confirmation class. Adult Sunday school is at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday and services are at 10:30 a.m. in the church, as well as being broadcast over 88.1 F.M. radio and livestreamed on Facebook. The Rev. Dick Poppen speaks each Sunday at 9:30 a.m. over KWAT radio.

Laundry Day

Laundry day when I was a bride in 1950 was quite an experience. We lived on the farm, and there was no rural water. So, water had to be hauled by pails then put into a boiler and placed on a cookstove to heat. My small propane stove was not sufficient. When the water got hot, it was dumped into the washing machine with P&G or Lava laundry soap cut into small pieces. Rinse water was also hauled and poured into a tub with a little bluing to keep whites, white. The whole wash was made by this single dosage, and, when finished, hauled out again in buckets.

An outdoor clothesline was used for drying, even in the winter. In the winter, the laundry would freeze stiff and then was brought inside and hung on rope lines strung inside the house. The small items were placed on a wooden rack and over the floor furnace to dry.

When we started a family, there were always cloth diapers to wash, a big chore.

In 1975, my husband and I built a new house. Along with that came an automatic washer and dryer. The invention of the automatic washer and dryer, for me, gave me the best appliance I have. And as I use them, I remember the “good ole days?”


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