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When to pick veggies, and honey chicken kabobs


The heat and humidity sure don’t do much for my hair, but they are keeping my garden going. I’ve learned a lot this year with my garden, so I thought I’d share some tips this week.

In prior years, I have always waited until my tomatoes were red to pick them. I read that once tomatoes turn orange, they have all the nutrients they will get, so I’ve been picking them as soon as they get to that stage. This helps to get them off before they start splitting or bugs get to them, and it helps the plant focus on working on ripening more tomatoes.

I’ve also learned that tomatoes don’t need to be placed in a sunny window in order to ripen. I always thought they had to have sun to get ripe, but that’s not the case. I have put both orange and green tomatoes that I’ve found on the ground in flats nowhere near a window, and they have ripened in days with absolutely no sun.

I’ve always struggled with knowing when to pick my peppers. I now know that it’s best to pick at least half of the peppers when they get to their full size early, because it will keep the plant producing more peppers in the long run. Almost any type of pepper can be picked when green when it’s full size and eaten as a delicious green pepper, including the hot, sweet red, yellow and orange varieties.

Now that you have some tips to picking peppers, you can use them to make kabobs! This is a great recipe to try, and you can easily add in different kinds and colors of peppers from your own garden. Enjoy!


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