Who dunnit? ...Ida Dunnit A room full of laughs

Local residents help raise money for transit service


Successful fundraisers are hard to pull off. On Saturday night the Kingsbury County Transit reached their goal of raising between $12,000 and $14,000 with a Mystery Dinner Theater titled “Matrimony and Murder” written by Haley Salem, daughter of Event Center director Kristy Hubbard.

If you’re like me, there are only so many cheeseballs, sculpted butter and Christmas wrappings you can buy before you get tired of all the fundraisers. Sometimes, I would prefer to just make a donation and remove the middleman and all the effort that goes into most fundraisers. So, when a fundraiser comes along that seems a “little out of the box,” you jump at the opportunity.

That was the case for the Kingsbury County Transit in their First Annual Mystery Dinner Theater. The event was held at the De Smet Event Center. The De Smet Healthy Communities Wellness Coalition covered the cost for the meals and the Director’s fees. Numerous citizens and businesses volunteered to help prepare the food for the event.

The dinner was a three-course meal, including a Caesar salad as the first course. The second course included eye of round beef with au jus gravy, baked potato, glazed carrots and a roll. The final course was a custom cupcake dessert.

Serving the courses was the youth from the Lutheran Confirmation class, along with many other youth groups. There was a tip cup at each table for the servers, and an anonymous donor had pledged to double the amount of tips given, to assist the youth groups.

The De Smet Volunteer Fire Department hosted the bar as a fundraiser, too. Their corner of the event center was busy throughout the evening.

Numerous items from the silent auctions were placed around the event center’s outside walls, so guests could browse through the items and bid on their favorites. Fifty-four businesses and individuals made donations of goods and services and helped drive the success for the auctions. The silent auctions raised $3,391 for the Kingsbury County Transit.

The theater spots for the mystery theater were interspersed throughout the evening, and the cast strolled from table to table during the night answering any questions a guest may have and maybe offering subtle visual clues to help the visitors make their best guess as to “Who Dunnit?”

For those mystery sleuths, in “Matrimony and Murder” Fran Tic, played by Heidi Spilde, the anxious, scatter-brained, wedding planner ended up being the victim. She was murdered by her own clipboard. Our murderer ended up being Ida Dunnit, portrayed by Becky Wendland.

The Kingsbury County Transit is planning on making this an annual event, and preliminary goals are that next year’s Mystery Dinner Theater would help purchase a van for the community of Arlington or Lake Preston.


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