Writer describes beautiful sunset


I’m wondering how many watched the sunset on Tuesday night. If you didn't, you missed a spectacular sight. It was so beautiful, with a couple shades of pink, dark and light gray, a greenish strip between layers of the pinks, the darker gray changing to a grayish purple-blue beyond, and a streak of the brightest gold along the underside of the layers of various pinks. It lasted for quite some time before the colors started to fade.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Weerts became the parents of a baby boy on Sept.7 at Sanford Medical Center in Sioux Falls. He weighed four pounds, seven ounces and has been named Parker Steven. He is still in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in the hospital, but his weight is up to five pounds, 10 ounces. He joins two sisters.

Charles Borchard was the speaker at the Presbyterian Church on Sunday. He will be the speaker for next Sunday as well.

The bean harvest was in full swing this last week, with lots of the trucks on the roads getting the produce to market. Be extra careful when you are driving, as these big rigs can't stop “on a dime.”

Early day entertainment

As the population increased, there became a demand for entertainment. The newspaper put out by Mr. Bancroft didn't last very long, but a taste of culture had been instilled, along with the need for nurturing the children and giving people something for their entertainment. Good music, community singing, band concerts, silent movies (remember Charlie Barber playing the piano while the villain carried the fair maiden to the railroad tracks, as the train rounded the curve?), baseballs games, spell downs and carnivals at the schoolhouse and Sunday school picnics.

Each year during the summer months, a sports day was held. It attracted many people from the surrounding neighborhood and included races and car races.

Among the entertainers was Happy Jack O’Malley from the popular radio station WNAX out of Yankton. He performed on a 'bowery stage' located on the east side of the street.

Among the other attractions was a carnival show that featured a boxer who would take on all comers. He more than met his match when the Osman boys (Jack and Pete) were in town one day. On the Fourth of July, the main entertainment was climbing to the top of the Indian mounds or trying to drive the family car up the steep trail to the top. Always, there was card playing by various groups. Some time later, there were even “outdoor movies.”


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