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Hope has power – it drives us to achieve incredible things that we never thought possible or endure difficulties that previous seemed insurmountable. Unfortunately, for the same reasons, … more
At the end of June, I was fortunate to spend an entire week at Camp NeSoDak. It is a Lutheran Bible Camp within the denomination that my congregation, American Lutheran Church, belongs, the … more
For today, I'd like to once again hit the topic of The National Anthem. It isn't that I don't appreciate a good singer performing at a favorite rodeo; I love little kids' renditions as much as the … more
Eight greedy beasts roamed the ground below me, watching … waiting. Like ravenous vultures, they circled, ready to pounce on anything that dropped to the ground. When something did, they raced to … more
It’s going to be a wild week for us, and I’m trying to prepare myself for the emotional roller coaster coming with my daughter Alyssa moving back and the puppies going to their new homes. After a … more
As a practicing urologist who is double board certified in urology and female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery, I see a lot of patients with urinary incontinence. While it is extremely … more
Nostalgia can be bittersweet. Sometimes I miss playing high school basketball – working with teammates; hearing the crowd; the pride of seeing hustle pay off. I loved watching my kids play sports, … more
Listening is a kind of lost art these days. The culture of the present society in the United States is full of loud voices. These voices, whether they be a person, an advertisement on TV or the host … more
Rough dark leaves grazed my face and arms and made me itch. Toes sank into the black South Dakota dirt as I trudged between rows of tall fibrous stalks. At the top of each stalk, light brown growth … more
Finally, I have had enough of watching my garden and flowers destroyed by our puppies, so Josh and I decided to put up some extra protection to keep the puppies away. Our seven lab puppies are … more
One late summer day, fresh out of residency and seeing patients for the first time as a full-fledged family physician, I examined a young man who had a fever, fatigue and a bad headache. Considering … more
Earlier this week, the State of South Dakota closed the financial books for fiscal year 2022 with a record-breaking $115.5 million surplus. This historic surplus was a combination of revenues … more
War … Rumors of war … Famine … Pestilence … Inflation … Low wages … Unemployment … Cost of living increase … Roe vs Wade … Unrest in the cities … January 6 hearings... Now, as … more
On the top of my right foot, there is a small triangle-shaped scar. Scars usually have stories to tell. I wish I could remember a fierce fight with a savage gopher or raccoon, but I only recall … more
You've probably heard, as I did, from a parent, pastor or mentor, "Don't get ahead of yourself" or "forget about yesterday, just keep moving forward." I believe that today as much as when I first … more
As a physician with 45 years of practice, I’ve seen my share of diseases. I have usually been on the physician side of the diagnosis-treatment paradigm. However, knowing the rationale for … more
I have been struggling to keep up with weeding and watering my garden as often as I should, so this change in weather is much appreciated. Now, if I could just figure a way to keep seven curious … more
In my four years as Governor, I have focused on finding ways that our programs can positively impact the next generation. This goes beyond reading about what state government does—I go out and see … more
And it will come to pass, that before they call, I will answer. Isaiah 65:24 This past week, I got up early to do some spraying in the garden. I had readied the sprayer the night before, so I could … more
“It’s time to get up, DeAnn! There’s a lot to do this morning,” Mom called up the stairs. The tone of her voice indicated that this morning she would not be my snooze button. Sleep webs … more
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