Wagon driver

Joan Wollschlager is ready to take visitors for a wagon ride across the prairie at Ingalls Homestead in De Smet.

Landmark gone with the wind

LeRoy Roth cuts up what remains of a huge ash tree July 25 on Dollie Purintun’s property in De Smet. Strong winds in the night toppled the more than 100-year old shade tree, which family …

“It takes both the sun and the rain to make a beautiful rainbow”

Cinderella was right! After a quick rain storm on Monday night, a double rainbow shined brightly in evening sky over De Smet.

Not all raccoons are wild

Missy Rober and her pet raccoon “Rambo” out for a walk with Rober’s friend Shelby Olson.

De Smet firemen do a bang-up job!

Behind the scenes firemen go to work in full protective gear to put on the annual display, enabling everyone else to sit back and enjoy the show. Thanks for the entertainment!

Flash bang

This lightning bolt struck close June 25 somewhere on the southeast side of De Smet. The thunderclap followed almost instantaneously. The thunderstorm overnight dumped varying amounts of rain on the …