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1886: Barber built the elevator, lumber yard and bank


Adaline Reilly was a Sunday dinner guest to celebrate Dean Reilly’s birthday at hisresidence in Iroquois.

Michelle Bornitz’s mother from Sioux Falls was a 3-day weekend visitor with the Travis Bornitz family.

The Clendening and the Wehlander families attended the Iroquois High School Supper and Awards Night last Thursday where Rosalie Wehlander received year-end awards.

Curt, Lori and Rosalie Wehlander attended the DWU Honors Banquet last Friday night in Mitchell. Hannah received an award for being a DWU Distinguished Honor Student and the Marv Miller Christian Leadership Award.

Lori Wehlander helped host, and Jeanette Clendening, Hannah Wehlander, Amy Zeller and Rosalie Wehlander attended the bridal shower for Sierra Crater on Saturday. Sierra will be the June bride of Zack Lindblad.

Marlin and Jeanette Clendening attended the April birthday party held at Mike and Perianne’s on Saturday evening in Woonsocket.

The Wehlanders and the Clendenings attended the Iroquois school play “Café Murder” Sunday evening in Iroquois. Rosalie Wehlander played the part of the maître d’.

Last week, Annette and Charemon Dunham visited with the American Legion National Commander at the Brookings post and were present at the Arlington dedication of their new post building by the national commander.

Annette and Charemon Dunham went to the Iroquois School Awards night last Thursday. They presented the Iroquois Legion Good Citizen pins to senior Hannah Hofhenke and 8th grade students Natalie Cundy and Rexton Blue. They also presented the Auxiliary Legion winners of poems, essays and posters with certificates and cash prizes.

Selma Dunham of Sioux Falls and Leo Dunham of Viborg went to Elaine Burma’s funeral visitation on Thursday, and on Friday, the Dunham family attended the funeral services of their Aunt Elaine Burma held in Huron.

Geanna De Benedetti of Tracy, Calif., has been visiting her parents Gene and Joanne Schlueter along with family and friends this past week.

A two-inch rainfall was recorded in the Esmond area Friday and Saturday.


1886 – NF Barber, a settler from Illinois who built the big elevator (still standing), the lumber yard and started the Esmond Bank, was also reported to have 105 acres of wheat planted. Judge McCullen was in town to talk statehood to a full house, and Esmond Township decided they needed $150 to be raised by taxes on property for the general fund for the year 1886; 112 people voted at the Annual Township meeting in March. 


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