Iroquois History

1911: The pigs were hungry!


August 31, 1911

Representatives of different brick firms were in Iroquois last Wednesday presenting the merits of their wares before the board of education. The school board selected for the new school building a high-grade pressed brick with vitrified surface made by the Hydraulic Press Brick Company of Omaha. The brick selected is of a dark color which will contrast nicely with the stone trimmings on the building.

The mail order houses are now engaged in flooding South Dakota with catalogues and other advertising matter. Resident businessmen cannot afford to go to sleep and let the cash be sent to outside firms. The catalogue people must be met with their own weapons.

The members of Mrs. Glindinning’s Sunday school class returned Friday from their outing at Pearl Creek. The time was thoroughly enjoyed, but a temporary damper was put upon proceedings when a drove of hogs entered the tent during the absence of the picnickers and devoured the meat, butter, cake, cookies and fruit, leaving nothing but bread upon which to subsist. A hurry-up telephone call to town for more grub relieved the serious situation.

September 3, 1931

The Hob Café has moved into the Sweet residence across the street from its former location, which has been remodeled into a café.

There will be another baseball game in Iroquois Sunday afternoon between “Smokey” Stroup’s bachelors and the married men, who are managed by Clarence Eggleston. One of the novelties of this game is that every player changes his position each inning. In a recent game of this nature, the bachelors won by a 15 to 13 score, and Sunday’s game promises to be a good one.

September 4, 1941

Miss Ruth Flesner of Iroquois, the Kingsbury County spelling champion, made an excellent showing at the state junior high spelling contest held in Huron Tuesday, in which 69 spelling champs from all parts of the state participated. Ruth came home with third place honors in the oral division, going down on the word “ichorous.” Her many friends extend congratulations on her ability to bring home high honors, in spite of the large field of contestants.

An outside entrance to the basement of the former Star Theatre building is being made this week. Fisher and Greer bought this building, and after many months of work, now have the place in tip-top shape. This building was gutted by a fire a few years ago, and thus with the building being completely remodeled, it again proves to be a big asset to the city.


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