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1930: Fire ruins local residence


December 1, 1910:

Jesse Fisher went to Sioux Falls and drove a 1911 E. M. D. automobile back. This is the machine that Fisher & Greer have been advertising.The price has been reduced from $1,250 to $1,000 ­— one of the very best automobile bargains on the market.

If you have the blues, the “Widow Perkins” will drive them away; if you have been disappointed in love, the widow will cheer you; if you enjoy a real hearty laugh, the widow will give you more opportunities and greater cause than you have had in all your life. “The Widow Perkins” will be at the Iroquois opera house one night only, Tues., Dec. 6.

December 4, 1930:

Monday morning about 2 o’clock the residence of H. F. Liddle, in north Iroquois, was completely destroyed by fire. The fire company had the hose laid out when they realized there was no pressure. There was nothing to be done but let the building burn. The night was quiet with no breeze blowing so that no other buildings were in danger. Mr. Liddle carried insurance to the amount of $1,000 on the house and $600 on the furniture, which amounts cover the loss fairly well. The failure to get water to the fire must have been due, according to general opinion, to a plugged main somewhere along the line. The trouble will have to be located and remedied.

November 30, 1950:

Some of our townspeople were disappointed Thanksgiving Day because they were not able to carry out the plans made in entertaining relatives and friends or going places on account of the weather. The weatherman had his plans and gave us a bad storm and hard wind. While we only had a trace of snow, we did have a hard wind from the northwest, and it was cold. In fact, it was the coldest Thanksgiving registered for many years. Many of us can think back and remember many Thanksgiving Days when the weather was mild. We were indeed fortunate here, for around Highmore, there was a blizzard, and in the eastern part of the United States there was a blizzard of such intensity that folks could not get out, and much damage was done.

The Westerberg Hardware and Furniture store is being remodeled with new display racks and tables, so that their customers can see what a fine line of merchandise is on display. The store was recently redecorated on the interior, and it has really taken on the holiday spirit.


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