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1936: Baby boom of eight


Annette and Charemon Dunham visited their sister, Selma, and brother, Leo, Saturday in Sioux Falls. Annette and Charemon Dunham helped serve the Iroquois Community Club meal Thursday and Friday evening. They then attended the Iroquois High School musical production of “Annie Jr.” Friday night. Annette Dunham was the driver last week of the DAV van.

The Clendenings, Curt and Lori Wehlander and Jeff Clendening of Ethan attended the Iroquois High School musical on Thursday evening. Rosalie Wehlander was a member of the cast as “Tessie.” Mike and Perianne, Katee Olinger and children, Karisa Hiemstra and children and Hannah Wehlander of DWU joined the Clendenings and Wehlanders on Friday evening to attend “Annie Jr.”

The Wehlanders, the Clendenings, the Woonsocket bunch, Jeff Clendening family and Hannah Wehlander of DWU gathered Sunday noon in Mitchell to celebrate the April birthdays of family members.

Curt, Lori and Rosalie Wehlander and the Clendenings attended the DWU Outdoor Spring Music Concert Sunday afternoon. Hannah Wehlander is a member of the DWU singing groups and was a student director of the Wesleyan Bells.

Adaline Rielly was visited Saturday by the Mike DeJong family of Victoria, Minn. They were joined by Kathy and Rick DeJong and the Van Diepen grandchildren from Cavour.

Vicky and Rick Aughenbaugh attended their granddaughters’ Spring Concert Thursday night in De Smet. The granddaughters are children of Mark and Kara Aughenbaugh.

History Note

1936 – Farmers were busy burning thistles in April, the Methodist Church folks were going to plant 50 acres of wheat. In July, the small grain crop was gone due to heat and drying winds. The county truck brought fresh vegetables for relief, and later that year, the county relief truck brought prunes, cauliflower and grapefruit. In 1936, the Esmond community had a baby boom year, with a special party in July to honor all the new babies, eight I can think of and probably more.


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