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1941: Influenza is coming this way! Feel sick? Go to bed.


December 29, 1910:
At the expiration of his term as county superintendent of schools Jan. 1, A. H. Seymour will become principal and superintendent of the Iroquois Schools. The Iroquois people are to be congratulated upon having been able to secure such a competent man to head their schools.

January 2, 1941:
Influenza that first broke out on the western coast is spreading eastward, and while it is of a mild character, serious consequence may result if the victim is careless. At the first approach of a cold, go to bed and call a doctor is the advice that should be heeded.

Over 40 men and boys took part in the rabbit hunt staged in Esmond Friday afternoon in which about 100 rabbits were shot. The proceeds will go to the iron lung fund. An oyster supper was served to hunters, families and friends Monday evening.

The required number of applications for cotton mattresses has been received, and plans have been made to carry out the program in Kingsbury County. The county committee met Monday afternoon to name work centers and work center chairmen. The following places were designated as work centers: Esmond, Manchester, Spirit Lake Township Hall, Matthews Town Hall, Lake Preston, Erwin and Oldham. Supervisors for these centers will be named later.

Carthage News: Nice doings by the State Game and Fish Department last week in appropriating $15,000 for an artificial lake near Sioux Falls. It would have been better for the commission to have spent this money in restocking and replenishing the game in the counties that are converged upon in droves during the hunting season by the Sioux Falls sportsmen. We’d like to have had a small portion of that amount to build up Lake Carthage, but we lack the pull of our city brethren, and then, too, we don’t have any Izaak Walton League to throw a big feed and party for the commission members. It would be interesting to know how much money has been spent in Miner County in past years in proportion to the revenue that has been taken out of it by the department.

December 28, 1950:
The movie equipment belonging to Ewald Hohm has been purchased by James Arends, and he has taken over and will have charge of the movie from Saturday on. Folks are delighted to have this entertainment continued in Iroquois, and all hope that Mr. Arends will make a success of the undertaking, and he will if the people of the community will patronize the movie. He is a young man, well liked, has a host of friends and there is no doubt but that he will succeed. Just now he is studying the movie programs and hopes to have them lined up for future programs in the near future.


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