Iroquois History

1941: “Rip Van Winkle” presented at school


May 25, 1911

In this issue will be found a speed ordinance recently passed by the town trustees in which the limit inside the incorporation is placed at eight miles per hour and providing stiff penalties for its violation.

May 28, 1931

The livestock market took a slump last week that threw the prices to the bottom of the well and made a new low record. Cattle and hog prices hit the low levels of 1911, the lowest in 20 years. The markets were glutted as the demand for dressed meats fell off.

The school census, recently completed, shows 187 children of school age in Iroquois Independent District as against 206 last year. This is a reduction in the number of school children in the district of practically 10 percent.

May 22, 1941

The local Red Cross chairman urges all ladies who are knitting sweaters or making layettes for the war refugees to complete them at once and return them to either Mrs. Greer or Mrs. Edwards. A shipment will soon be made to the war refugees; it is necessary that the garments be completed at once, so they can be made ready for shipment.

The three-act operetta, “Rip Van Winkle,” presented by the grade pupils of the Iroquois School Tuesday evening, was well received by an enthusiastic audience. The directors, Miss Tschetter and Miss Eid, the accompanist, Miss Auer and the large cast are to be commended for the splendid production. The cast of characters was as follows: Rip Van Winkle, Robert Flesner; Dame Van Winkle, Bonnie Warren; Judith Van Winkle, Dona Bishop; Young Rip Van Winkle, Harold Flesner; Nicholas Vedder, Wm. Aughenbaugh; Derrick Van Bummel, George Edwards; Hendrick Hudson, Bobby Regan; Wolf, Rip’s dog, Donald Bierry. Village Children – Ione Regan, Donna Harrinton, Barbara Gehring, George Davidson, Eugene Blue, Russell Laposky, Betty Hegdahl. Mothers – Betty Mae Kohler and Lorna Bensley. Gnomes – Vernon Blue, Tenis Snyder, Robert Brandrup, Lloyd Nelsen, Billy Tyrrell, Maurice Seeman and Lyle Knouse. Dutch Dancers – Joyce Gehring, Helen Nelsen, Mona Moeller, Mary Ellen Flesner, Roland Bierry, Larry Murphy, Dannie Ray Knouse, and Tommy Tyrrell. Indians – Phyllis Stroup, Bonnie Mae Farmer, Lloyd Knouse and Donald Hegdahl. Soldiers – Bruce Redl, Billie Vogelman and John Baird. Spirit of ’76: Drummers, Bonnie Lou Salter and Audrey Keller; Fifer, Janice Jo McDonald; Flag Bearer, Betty Bierry. Villagers – Mary Ann Kohler, Mary Alice Clark, Patty Garry, Darlene Farmer, Betty Nelsen, Thelma Snyder, Viola Vogelman, Wanda Nelsen, Doris Murphy, Eileen Warren, Ruth Flesner, Esther Blue, Leona Keller, Wilma Jansen, Betty Lou Nelsen, Minerva Snyder and Betty Keller.


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