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1946: Please take the keys out of your car’s ignition!


September 7, 2011

The city council made drastic cuts in the budget, totaling $75,500. They took a hard look at discrepancies between anticipated costs and what had been spent in the past. The biggest cut was to trim paving expenses from $80,000 to $40, 000, to keep it in line with what has been set aside in other years. A final decision will soon come.

Calder, Stetson and Ty Eschenbaum were in China for Ty’s medical treatment and to tour the country. They went to the Great Wall, Tienanmen Square, Summer Palace, Olympic Village and a three-story Wal-Mart store. “This Wal-Mart, despite the first floor being dedicated to nothing but foul-smelling fish, isn’t too different from ours,” said Calder. They enjoyed their experiences, but all agreed there is no better feeling than arriving on our home turf in the wonderful US of A.

September 12, 1996

Twenty-six students signed up for a proposed golf team at LPHS. The school board has some questions that need answering before they sign on with the SDHSAA. Principal Paul Nelson believes there is a need to offer basic instructions, while Rick McGuire said there are a number of volunteers in the community who are willing to work with beginners in an off-season public clinic.

Senior candidates for the 1996 Homecoming royalty are Clay Jessen, Jason Paul, Justin Vincent, Joey Carlson, Jackie Stewart, April Zeeck, Tami Anderson and Amber Slaight. Coronation is Sept. 19, and the parade is Sept. 20.

Cpl. Danny Gunderson was one of two in his unit promoted to US Marine Corporal earlier this month. He enlisted in the Marines in 1993 and has completed tours in Okinawa, Korea and Hong Kong. He is a 1994 graduate of LPHS and is the son of Larry and Mona Gunderson.

September 9, 1971

Harry Birath, manager of NW National Bank, was among 430 bankers from 34 states and several foreign countries who graduated from the Graduate School of Banking at the U of Wisconsin in Madison.

Susan Wienk, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Wienk, last week succeeded her sister as SD Charolais Queen at the SD State Fair. She will represent the SD Charolais Association at the national Charolais Queen contest at Kansas City, Mo., during the 8th annual Charolais convention Oct. 15-17.

The Lake Preston Lutheran Church branch of the ALCW presented a check for $125.70 to Miss Veronica Murphy for the new hospital - the receipt of this money has boosted the hospital auxiliary's bank account to $1,673.51.

Larsen’s Market advertises meat specials — Fresh ground beef 2 lb for $1.19, lean meat type pork roast $0.53/ lb, choice rib steak $0.99/lb and Kemps ice cream for $0.85 per ½ gallon.

September 5, 1946

More than 300 persons suffered violent deaths as the nation celebrated its final extended holiday weekend of the summer. Homebound vacationists and tourists jammed most of the country’s highways over the three-day weekend, and traffic fatalities surpassed the estimate made by the National Safely Council.

Bob” Cottrell knows just what it is to be without a car— the reason— well, Bob, accompanied by Miss Vivian Millett, motored to De Smet Sunday evening where they attended the movies. Low and behold, after the show, they found that the Ford car was missing! They immediately reported the theft to Sheriff Melstad, who flashed a radio warning. The car was discovered Wednesday east of Sioux Falls in a ditch. There has been quite a number of car thefts in this vicinity recently, and law enforcement officers warn all car owners to be sure to remove the key from the ignition.

September 8, 1921

The Watermelon Festival last Thursday was a grand success from nearly every standpoint. The crowd was the largest ever and seemed to enjoy the events. The free feed of watermelons in the park was well handled, and it is believed that no visitor found difficulty in getting all they wanted to eat. A whole carload of fine melons was delivered.

The city schools and a large number of the county schools opened on Monday. The enrollment was large, especially in town.


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