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1950: Sell eggs to cover bill


Charemon and Annette Dunham attended the American Legion Auxiliary meeting at Marge Blue’s on Monday.

The Esmond Christmas Party will not be held again this year. If you are wondering why, just read the papers and the rise in COVID. Stay safe and take care of each other.

Travis and Richard Bornitz attended the SDSU vs. UND football game Saturday in Brookings.

The Clendenings hosted their family Thanksgiving on Sunday. Attending were Jeff and Gena Clendening family of Ethan, Curt and Lori Wehlander family of Esmond, Mike, Perianne, Neal and Karisa Heimstra family and Katee Olinger family of Woonsocket. Turkey was enjoyed, Halloween occurred with the great-grandkids tricking Great Grandpa and Grandma, games were played and pictures taken with the giant turkey.

The Wehlanders and Clendenings attended the HOSA-sponsored donkey basketball game Monday night at the Iroquois gym.

Members of the Esmond church gathered Wednesday evening to decorate the Christmas tree and interior of church for Advent and Christmas. Advent begins this coming Sunday. Apple cider was then enjoyed.

History Note

1950’s — Pictured above are copies of receipts from the Esmond store. Note that the receipt is just marked “Emma.” The prices include the money received from the sale of eggs the past week, and the egg money was more than the grocery bill. Emma made it last until the next Saturday night.


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