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After one try, I was hooked on Amish friendship bread


I don’t remember exactly when, but I do remember the first time I ever heard of Amish friendship bread was when I was at one of our big family gatherings on my mom’s side of the family. It was either one of my aunts or a cousin who came in with several zip-lock bags full of a dough-like substance and offered one to me along with instructions and a recipe to follow.

I took the bag home and squished it at least once a day, adding ingredients as instructed. When day 10 finally arrived, I was able to make my first loaf of Amish friendship bread, and after that, I was hooked. It was so good, that instead of handing out the extra bags to friends, I kept them for myself to make extra loaves for my family.

It always went fast at first, but eventually everyone would get tired of eating the same thing. I’d quit making the bread all-together. Then once the temperatures would start cooling off again, I’d look forward to getting another starter from my family and beginning it over again.

After a couple years, I started to look for and try different recipes to use with the starter. I found all sorts of variations on-line and soon switched from making a loaf of bread to pouring the batter in muffin tins to make it easier for everyone to grab and go. It also helped making smaller batches, so we avoided the boredom of eating the same thing constantly.

For those who don’t have a way to get a starter of their own, this week I’m sharing a recipe to get your own going without having to wait for someone to give one to you. Check back next week for the recipe on how to make the bread!


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