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Appreciating the rain, and sausage cheese pasta


We finally got some measurable and much-needed rain Saturday. With the extremely dry conditions we’ve been having, I think it was appreciated by everyone. I know it was impossible for me to complain about getting wet.

It sounds like the rain amounts everyone received varied greatly. Our rain gauge was almost to three inches when it was over, which was pretty amazing since typically this year we’ve rarely gotten enough rain to even get it to register.

I had a booth at the vendor fair at the De Smet Event Center for my Pampered Chef Saturday. I was glad my husband, Josh, and I got everything set up Friday night, so we didn’t have to unload everything Saturday morning during the downpour that others had to deal with. Obviously, everyone appreciated the rain, because even those who got drenched bringing things in had a smile on their faces.

I’m amazed how one good rain can affect things. We had planted grass seed several weeks ago and had been watering it daily and couldn’t get it to go. After the rain Saturday, we have grass popping up all over now.

My garden has been coming along slowly with my husband watering it almost every day, but now that it got a good saturation, everything is really taking off. We have cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes and peppers suddenly everywhere and growing quickly.

The only downfall was that we had hoped to do some painting outside over the weekend, and after the rain, we weren’t able to get any of it done. I have to admit I’m not too disappointed though … I wasn’t looking forward to painting anyway!

Hopefully, we’ll get some more rain this week to keep things growing and producing, and it will save everyone from watering constantly. I can’t wait to start getting produce from my garden.

This week I’m sharing a great recipe that’s super easy and delicious. It has a lot of ingredients, but the majority are ones that I most probably have on hand. If you don’t have a seasoning, it will still be good without it, and you can use one cup of mozzarella if you don’t have cheddar on hand. Enjoy!


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