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Bancroft is worth $57,200 — wow!


Mark Knight was again the speaker at the Presbyterian Church on July 24. He had spent some time in Rapid City with his ailing father. We're very glad to have you back again, Mark. Thank you for a very enjoyable service.

Rose Grothe and Linda Perry attended the pancake breakfast at the Legion Hall in Iroquois, Sunday.

The weather has been most spectacular this week, with Sunday evening as perfect as anyone could want. It was an excellent night for a cook-out, or even just sitting outside to eat supper. It truly is the “end of a perfect day, when you sit alone with your thoughts.”

Rose Grothe attended a birthday gathering for Gayle Grothe at Klinkel's III on Saturday night. Hope it was a happy birthday for the honoree.

I'm not sure the reason, but reports are that there was a drop in attendance at the pageant performances this year. It may be gas prices, so people are staying closer to home for their vacations. Whatever is behind the drop, we hope for better attendance next year. I think all the volunteers really deserve wonderful recognition for all their hard work and 'stick-to-it-iveness.'

I mentioned in my writings that Bancroft's assessed valuation in 1902 was $1660. By using a “currency calculator” on today's dollars, Bancroft is worth $57,200.00. WOW!

If a plumber is doing repairs for your kitchen sink, he might be at your disposal.

1961 (thanks to Pauline Claassen)

June 13, 1961

The school faculty has been completed for this coming season. Stewart Hanley will replace Joe Kleinsasser, who has resigned. Gerald Poslowski will be the high school teacher and coach. James Young and Donald Nelson complete the high school staff. Grade school teachers will be Mrs. Ray Lamont, Mrs. Gerald Roslowski and Mrs. Stewart Hanley.

December 6, 1962

Names of Bancroft residents in the service are Leland Bennett, Jerald G. Bowes, Leslie P. Claassen, Norman Ferguson, Delbert L. Jennings, Earl W. Rusche and Joan Antton Smith.

December 12

The Bancroft Eagles have won the first four games of the season. High scorers this year are Del Gross, Terry Jencks, Bill Maass and Roy Boetel.

December 19

The Eagles won again against James Valley.


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