Letter to the editor

Blood donations save lives


Last week, I returned to my apartment at The Village Assisted Living after 14 days in the Avera McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls and six days in the Avera De Smet Hospital. I had gone to Sioux Falls for a hip replacement, but the operation didn’t go as expected. Within a few hours of surgery, my blood pressure and hemoglobin dropped. I was in the emergency room first, and then intensive care.

At that point, I had received three units of blood. Fatal thoughts went through my head when I heard my blood pressure was 60/40. I said my prayers.

After a night in ICU, I was put in a regular room and given two more units of blood. I had more tests and fluids. The pain in my new hip was like laying on a rock.

A CT scan showed a large hematoma in my new hip area. I needed another surgery to open my incision and flush and cauterize two damaged veins. I received two more units of blood. There were many hemoglobin tests done as my blood count gradually came up and a blood drain was inserted in my hip.

I have sympathy for coronavirus patients who are without family. My family members came as allowed, one at a time. They had to wear masks, have their temperatures taken, and practice social distancing from me. They all helped my spirits.

I am home now and getting better, but I am quarantined. My new hip is good and I am doing physical therapy.

The reason I am telling my story is to tell everyone how important blood donation is. Seven units of donated blood saved my life. If you are healthy and able to donate, please do so. Your donation of blood could save someone’s life. It saved mine.

Margaret Anderson
De Smet


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