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Budget reviewed, new hires approved


De Smet School Board met on Mon., Sept. 12, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. They discussed several items including the surplus house, conflict of interest disclosures, principal reports and the budget.


Susan Purintun advised the school board of some changes to the budget. One item was for food service, which will receive an additional $12,000 for purchasing foods produced in America. They will be using these funds to purchase milk.

Another item was an increase in funds with increased enrollment in the schools. The schools receive $3,544 per student.

The board discussed increasing the special education levy from $1 to $1.25 per $1,000. The state will not help the school with these expenses unless they levy $1.599 per $1,000 and use up the entire fund balance. The board wants to make sure they have enough funds to cover any upcoming expenses for special education.

The board wants to be cautious about what they are taxing. They don’t want to ask for the $1.599 required to get additional state funds, but they want to make sure they have enough funds to cover expenses.


The board had scheduled to open bids on the surplus house at 507 3rd Street SW, but they did not receive any bids. The board decided to have the house torn down.


Principal Bettin informed the board that he had organized two webinars. One was a program called Get More Math for 3rd grade – algebra II. The school was given a one-year free subscription for math teachers to use.

The other one was Go Red Ink, which helps students improve their writing skills. It helps with skills such as building sentences and paragraphs and gives teachers the flexibility to change it to suit individual student’s needs.

Bettin informed the board that preparations for homecoming have begun. Staff put together a committee. They have met once and will meet again this week with the Student Council. Coronation will be Mon., Oct. 3 at 7:30 p.m. Homecoming will be on Fri., Oct. 7 with a pep rally at the football field following the parade. The game will be against Hitchcock/Tulare.

An early dismissal set for October 7 will be moved to October 14, so students will be around for all the homecoming activities.

Teen Mental Health met with juniors today and are meeting with parents now. This program gives youth skills to handle hearing something concerning and how to handle that situation. They can return each year or do multi-grades. The S.D. Extension offers this at no cost to the school

The cross-country invitational was held on Thurs., Sept. 8. Nineteen teams participated, with just under 320 runners. Bettin said there were probably 500 people on the golf course. It was a lot of fun, and he enjoyed it.

Enrollment was up by three from projection, including a couple of students leaving.


On Thurs., Oct. 15, Tour of Kindness assemblies, paid for by the Youth Wellness Coalition, will be held, one for the elementary school and one for middle/high school.


The board approved the resignation of Terry Holland, head of facilities.

The board’s approval of signed employment agreements for:

• John Hart - HS/MS Study Hall/ICU Coordinator

• Traci Schoenfelder and Barb Asleson - Cheerleading Co-Coaches

• Nicole Berg and Sydnee Winter – One Act Play Co-Coaches

• Dave Van Regenmorter – Head of Facilities

• Stephanie Botkin, amended contract – Kindergarten, Second Grade and paraprofessional

• The board approved volunteer cross-country coach Noah Roth.


• Barb Asleson as a board member and cheer coach

• Dave Van Regenmorter as head of facilities

Next month, when the board approves the minutes, Susan Purintun will forward them on to the S.D. Auditor General and S.D. Attorney General. They will each have it on record that it has been approved, and everyone knows about it.


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