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Children who earn merit badges are called...


Rev. Richert of Brookings was the speaker at the Presbyterian Church on Sept. 11. A very timely and informative sermon from I Peter 2 :13-17 about obeying the laws of the state and country, because it was all ordained by God … for His own reasons. That is, unless the laws made by man were in direct contrast to what God has already instituted. Then, we have the choice to choose to obey God and be prepared to accept the consequences from the state or country, or to follow what the man-made law says and accept the consequences from God.

Linda Perry and Rose Grothe were among those who went to the movie “The Most Reluctant Convert” shown at the De Smet Alliance Church on Saturday night.

Janice White, Brookings, Linda Perry and Rose Grothe attended the Billy Troy concert, the fourth of the series for 2022, and another outstanding afternoon of entertainment.

Again, we've been having spectacular evenings, hot days and a small amount of rain. One report I heard was .3 of an inch; while around Bancroft, it was maybe .05 of an inch.

The harvest moon has been beautiful, hitting its peak of beauty on Saturday night, Sept. 10.

In Belgium, I think the children who earn merit badges are called Brussels Scouts.

1973 history (Thanks to
pauline classen)

January 1

The auditorium fun night was well attended in spite of bad weather. Articles were auctioned, and lunches were sold. A cake walk featured 35 cakes; Bingo was played. Over $300.00 was raised.

April 5

Many cars, sometimes 15 or 20, could be seen fishing at Spirit Lake this past week. There were no reports (from the fishermen) on their catch.

May 31

A very welcome one-inch rain fell Saturday and Sunday, with strong chilly winds on Sunday. Some fields of corn can be rowed.

The recent cancer drive envelope campaign for Le Sueur township totaled $68.90.

A preacher was playing golf, and every time he would hit a bad shot, he would say “boulder, boulder.” After a while, his playing partner said, “I don't understand why, when you hit a bad shot, you say “boulder.” The preacher explained, “It's the biggest dam I can think of.”


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