Distractions in this busy time


“Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things; there is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part, which will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:41-42

The calendar continues to be filled. Just when we thought that we could take a breath after the season of Lent, after Holy Week, after celebrating the Resurrection on Easter Sunday, we are reminded that there are still many things on the calendar. Even in the church, the time of “busyness” continues.

As we turn the calendar from April to May, there are still many days full of things taking place. In our own parish, we have celebrated with our young people by giving Bibles to some of the pre-school and elementary classes. We have recognized graduating high school seniors. We are preparing for, or have just reached, the final Sunday School session of the season. Many churches will be celebrating the Rite of Confirmation this month. In our parish we celebrate a Music Sunday and have been planning for that. Local communities are celebrating with their students as they graduate from high school. Our parish hosts a Senior Reception for all of the graduates and their parents. Many schools have a baccalaureate service for the seniors and their families.

Our personal calendars often continue to be full as well. Perhaps your family is planning a wedding or a special anniversary or birthday in the coming weeks. There is talk of vacations or camping trips coming up. While the months of summer might be less structured than the recent months, there are still so many things taking place and so many things to do. With all of the things filling our calendars, we are sometimes worried and distracted like Martha. Martha was busy entertaining, welcoming, preparing and serving; with all of that going on, she was upset with her sister Mary, who had chosen to put those things aside and, instead, listen to what Jesus was saying.

As our calendars continue to be filled with the things that we enjoy and appreciate, we can often become distracted by those things and lose focus on what is “the better part.” May we focus on that which is important, on that which will not be taken from us: the word and promise of Christ to give us mercy, grace and forgiveness. May you, like Mary, choose that which nurtures the soul, and may you hear the word of God, given by the Spirit, which gives peace and joy.


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