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Divers hit tough stretch


Lake Preston vs Elkton-Lake Benton

On Dec. 17, the Lake Preston Divers headed east on Highway 14 to visit the Elks of Elkton-Lake Benton for the first road game of the season, where they met a quick, experienced team. The Elks started four seniors and a junior compared to the Divers who started two seniors, two juniors and a sophomore.

Elkton was hot and outscored the Divers 24-6 in the first quarter, taking a 30-point lead to half-time.

Elkton finished the game with 65 points while the Divers had 27. Twenty-one of those 65 points came as three-pointers, with Aiden Erickson dropping three of his own in the first period.

Erickson was the leading scorer for the Elks with 19 points while Riley Casper led the Divers with 14. Josh McMasters brought in 10. Casper also led the Divers with five rebounds, and Miles Harming led the Elks with seven.

Lake Preston vs Estelline/Hendricks

The Redhawks of Estelline/Hendricks came away with the win on Mon., Dec. 20 in Lake Preston with a score of 53-19. Turnovers tell the tale and played a large role in the loss. Turnover statistics are not official results and are the account of this reporter. The Divers turned the ball over to the Redhawks 24 times while their counterparts turned it over only 10 times.

The Redhawks came out with a strong lead and outscored the Divers 17-6 in the first quarter. They led 34-13 at half-time.

The Divers scored only two points in the third quarter and four in the fourth quarter to finish with 19, while the Redhawks scored 12 and six to finish at 53.

Braxton Saathoff and Dawson Bury teamed up for 27 of the Redhawks’ 53 points, while Riley Casper scored 14 of the Divers’ 19 points. Divers were 1 of 4 from the free-throw line, while Estelline-Hendricks shot 50 percent from the line making 4 of 8 shots. Casper led the Divers with 11 of 18 rebounds, while Joseph McAnich had seven rebounds for the Redhawks.

Lake Preston vs ORR

The Lake Preston Divers hosted the Raiders of Oldham-Ramona/Rutland on Tues., Dec. 28, after their original meeting was delayed by Mother Nature. The Raiders applied the press much of the game and kept that pressure on the Divers. The Raiders took an early lead and didn’t look back. The first quarter score was 11-26. The Raiders took a 30-point lead to the locker room at half-time and were up 58-28.

ORR finished the game with 94 points to the Divers’ 40 points.

The Divers were led by Josh McMasters who scored 14 points and was closely followed by Riley Casper with 10. The Divers shot 33 percent overall, 43 percent from the field, making 12 of 28 shots while making only two of 14 three-point shots.

The Raiders were led by Will Matson and Orion Albertson who scored 24 and 23 points respectively. Casper led the Divers with eight of the team’s 18 rebounds, while teammate Garrett Kruger had four rebounds. Tate Larsen led the team with four steals.


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