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Enjoy monster cookies


I always try to look at the positive side of things, but some days are harder than others. As I was standing outside earlier waiting for our new puppy, Daisy, to go to the bathroom, I struggled to find something positive about getting drenched.

For those who don’t know, Josh and I got a new addition to our family recently. Her name is Daisy Mae, and she’s a French Bulldog that is white with big black spots. I call her my little cow, not only because of her coloring, but also because of the amount she can eat and how huge her stomach gets afterwards.

As I sat down to start writing my weekly article for the newspaper, Daisy decided she had to go potty. I wasn’t feeling the best and not real excited to have to stop what I was doing to take her outside in the rain, but as her barking intensified, I realized I didn’t have a choice.

I didn’t want to be standing outside in the rain trying to get Daisy to go to the bathroom. I wanted to stay inside, crawl under a warm blanket and just relax. Instead, I was struggling to stay patient as Daisy decided she didn’t have to go to the bathroom as much as she wanted to lick up rain puddles.

As I stood outside getting wetter and more annoyed, I watched as Daisy decided that licking up rain wasn’t as much fun as catching the rain before it could hit the ground. Before long I couldn’t help but smile as “my little cow” started running in circles trying to catch a drop. It wasn’t long before I was the one enjoying myself, and she was the one annoyed because she was getting rained on and not catching the rain like she wanted.

Somedays it takes a while to find the positive side of things, like today. Although I got drenched, it was nice to take a moment to enjoy watching our pup play in the rain, and, bonus...I found something to write about for my article!

Since the weather is cooler, and many are starting up their ovens again, I’m sharing a fun recipe for monster cookies. These cookies have a ton of ingredients, but they cover almost anything you may be craving on a cold, rainy day like today. Enjoy!


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