Eschenbaum’s story inspires


This week the IMPACTED class heard Ty Eschenbaum’s presentation “Earn the Gift.” His first hurdle occurred when he got a cancer diagnosis at age 15. From then, his life was one hurdle after another. The class was inspired by his mental and physical strength to endure his trials.

“I knew your story was amazing, Ty, but it is actually breathtaking to hear it,” said Marilyn Skyberg.

Equally amazing is his ability at such a young age to establish and accomplish so much with the Ty Eschenbaum Foundation. Each year, a scholarship is presented to a youth cancer survivor. Eschenbaum also created funds in the name of his deceased fiancée, Autumn. These funds make a wish come true every year for another young cancer patient. With his own life insurance policy, Ty has guaranteed that fulfilling this wish for Autumn will continue forever. For more information you can go to or see more on Facebook.

Rapidly Changing Agriculture

On Monday, Glen Davis, Paul Casper and Tim Bratland presented a fun, astounding review of agriculture and its unbelievable pace of change with technology. Several commented that “everyone in Kingsbury County should have been here today to hear these three guys speak about so many aspects of present-day agriculture.”

“The world needs food, and our local guys are working to make that happen in the best way possible,” said Roxy Jensen. “Who even knew that robotic machines would milk cows when the cows decide to come in from the field and wander over to a machine with no human interaction needed.”

The class was astounded from this simple automated task to the research and production of healthier seeds, fertilizers and plant production.

“Genetically-modified gets bad press when it could mean a gene was taken from a petunia to enhance a plant,” said Tim Bratland.

Algae Studies

The future seemed even more amazing as Paul Casper talked about his algae “aquarium” in his basement – an algae experiment that he created and is studying with the University of Minnesota.

Coming Next week

Exercise classes continue, and on Wednesday, Shirley Apley, Director of Huron Public Library, shares her enthusiasm and knowledge of genealogy and how to track our ancestors.


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