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First prize at a Norwegian wedding


Trinity Lutheran Church will have worship on Sun., Sept. 18 at 8 a.m.

Sunday School classes will be held Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. at Lorelee Nelson’s.

Lisa Hinkley, De Smet, visited her mother Harriet Hattervig last Monday. Harriet had supper with Mark and Lisa Hinkley Wednesday evening.

Shirley Stroud attended the S.D. State Fair Saturday with the Buehler family of Emery.

Lori Antotcicco and Kathleen Tuttle and a friend visited Shirley Stroud on Sunday. They are from California and had attended their aunt Charmaine Moore’s burial at Iroquois on Saturday.

Lucas Hattervig, Sioux Falls, was home Wednesday helping his parents David and Connie Hattervig with a project.

David and Connie Hattervig attended the S.D. State Fair on Sunday.

did you know?

Written by Carol Carter in her Chit Chat column in The Carthage News, Sept.15, 1982. She was given the article by Connie Auterman.

Speaking of Norwegians … It seems Ole missed three days of work. When he finally got there, the boss asked him where in the world he had been.

“To a Norwegian wedding,” says Ole.

“For goodness’ sake,” the boss says. “It didn’t take three days, did it?”

“No,” said Ole, “but you see, I won second prize.”

“It must have been a good prize,” the boss said. “What did you get?”

Ole looked down and said, “Well, I won the bride for the next two days.”

“Wow!” said the boss. “What in the world was the first prize?”

Ole looked him straight in the eye and said, “Why, the first prize was five pounds of lutefisk!”


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