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Garden almost ready, and easy walking taco casserole


I’m finally starting to find some goodies ready for picking in my garden, and hopefully, I’ll have more than enough to keep me busy soon. I’ve made sure to arrange for help when that time comes.

Since we had to put a snow fence around my garden to keep the puppies out, I haven’t been able to get into my garden as much as I normally would. Instead, I’ve had to peek through or over the fence to see if anything was ready to be picked.

Last week, I finally saw some red in a tomato plant and a cucumber worth picking along the edge of my garden. I decided to get the snow fence cut, so I could get in and check things out.

I was excited to find a few good-sized cucumbers, several bell peppers and some tomatoes ready to be picked. A couple days later, I found even more.

I’ve been hoping to get enough produce to sell at the Farmers Market in De Smet, but my garden seems to be dragging its feet to provide me with what we need … let alone any extra to share.

I was able to give my parents tomatoes I picked and warn my mom that I may need her help in a couple of weeks with canning if my tomatoes take off like they usually do.

I’m sure I could probably handle canning the tomatoes by myself, but it’s so much more fun to do it with someone else. Since my mom has more experience with canning than I do, she’s always my go-to when I’m looking for help.

If you love walking tacos like I do, I think you’ll love this easy walking taco casserole. Make it your own by adding your favorite taco toppings. Enjoy!


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