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Gas station has rich history


Mr. Ted Haug was the speaker at the Presbyterian Church on Easter. His wife accompanied him and led the singing, as well as singing a solo, which she had written. Thanks to both of you for your service to us.

Linda Perry visited her niece in the nursing home at Madison Easter afternoon and was able to spend an hour with her. This was the first time she was able to actually visit with her.

Rose Grothe and daughter, Janice, were Saturday “Easter dinner” guests with “the Grothe girls” at Gayle Grothe's in Brookings. Others attending were Mr. and Mrs. Tom “Jill” Alfieri, Mr. and Mrs. Jay “Joanne” Pesicka, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pesicka and Natalie, Matt Pesicka and Lillie Becker.

Rose Grothe and Janice spent Saturday night with Dale and Peggy Martens in Aberdeen, attended church with them on Sunday, and enjoyed a family gathering for dinner and visiting.

Donna Stangl of Lincoln, Neb. was a Sunday night visitor at the Rose Grothe home. She and her brother, Steve Currier of Monroe, Iowa, had a family gathering at the Iroquois Methodist Church for dinner with other relatives. Donna was going to visit a niece at Marian. Steve is staying for a longer visit with Max Miller of Bancroft.

On Friday, Linda Perry and Rose Grothe attended a Good Friday program at the Bryant Lutheran Church. An internationally famous painter, Paul Oman, painted a picture of the crucifixion of Christ while Scripture and song told the story.

Rose Grothe made a business trip to Brookings on Wednesday and another one to Madison on Thursday.

gas station

1925 - Daniel E. Costello purchased the lot where the Standard Station was soon to pump gas for $125. George Cheney ran the station until 1929 when it was sold to Al Flesner. At that time Dan started driving the bulk truck to the area farms. Flesner ran it until June of 1934 when he sold it to Frank and Fred Bush. William Korkow has been the owner of the gas station since July 30, 1946, up through this day except for the time between September 9, 1954 and October 25, 1961, when his brother Elmer ran it.

The bulk gas truck was run by Dan Costello beginning in Sept. 1925 until Tuck (Costello) took over in 1932. William Korkow took over in July of 1946 and continues to sell bulk gas to all the patrons.


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