God sends healing. God sends deliverance.

In other news...


Hello! My name is Tia Felberg and I am the new pastor at De Smet UMC and Iroquois Trinity UMC. I am so excited to be able to share with you this month.

Have you watched the news lately? I don't blame you if you haven't. We have been bombarded with more than enough bad news it seems. But if you have, I am sure, at some point in the broadcast, you have heard the anchor say, ‘In other news...” This might be used as a transition from one story to the, there was an arrest, in other news, there was a celebration at so and so. We would probably never link the two stories together until the anchor says those three little words. It got me thinking, with all the situations we are in right now, and there are several, there is good to come out of it.

Let me explain. We would never know that we needed a healer if we never needed healing. We would never know we needed a savior if we didn't need saving. When 2020 started we could have never imagined what we would be going through just a few months later. But like it or not, this is the world we find ourselves in today.

Did you know that God has not been surprised by any of this? COVID-19 didn't catch him off guard. So, if He isn't surprised, why did he allow it? The reason is, “in other news”.

So many of us have been so distracted that we have forgotten God; myself, at times, included. In the Old Testament, whenever Israel walked away from God, he allowed hardships in their lives to bring them back to Him.

There are people who have grown cold in their relationship with Him and have suddenly cried out to Him. In other news, God sent deliverance to those people. There are those who have become sick; in other news, God sent healing.

Just like the anchor who connected two stories that we might not connect ourselves, God does the same thing. When you are up against it, going crazy because you are off work or you are stressed about what the fall schedule is going to look like, and when you just can't stand it anymore, remember those three little words... in other news.


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