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It’s hard to make chili with no recipe


Chili is one of those great recipes that I love, because you can throw it together in no time. Of course, you have to make sure you have the time and the recipe to make it.

Friday, I had set out hamburger and was planning on making a quick batch of chili when I got back from doing a grocery run in Watertown, but unfortunately things took longer than I had anticipated. I always try and give myself extra time to allow for the unexpected, but it took even longer than I could have imagined.

First, I ran into construction where they were pouring fresh asphalt, and it took forever for them to let me get through. Then I forgot that they rearranged all the grocery aisles in Walmart in Watertown, so my normal quick run-and-grab grocery trip was more like a hide-and-seek as I struggled to find what I had to get.

By the time I got home and got everything put away, I was already behind schedule and to make matters worse…I couldn’t find my chili recipe. Although I could probably make a pretty good guess at what I needed, after the day I had just had, I was not at all comfortable with just winging it.

I ended up calling my mom who always has the best recipes and asking her for her chili recipe. Thankfully, she was home and was able to text me a picture of her “good chili” recipe that she had recently made.

I quickly got everything together and whipped up the recipe she gave me. The only change I made was that I used my own canned tomatoes from the garden instead of the store-bought ones that the recipe calls for. If you’re looking for a good chili recipe, this one is just like its name says. Actually, I’d say it’s really good!

Here’s a tip for this and any recipe like this that you decide to write down on a recipe card. I would suggest you just write “Chili” on your recipe card, because I can never find recipes I’m looking for when they have things like “good” in front of them!

Hope you enjoy!


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