Larsen, Malone crowned at coronation


According to Wikipedia, homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back former students and members of the high school to celebrate an organization’s existence. What better way to start off Homecoming Week than with coronation, which was held Monday night in Lake Preston. The night included crowning of the homecoming king and queen, skits by the high school classes and senior parents and introductions of the fall sports teams.

Chris Tvinnereim, last year’s king, and Milli Waikel, who stepped in for last year’s queen Jocelyn Steffensen, not in attendance, were there to pass on their crowns to the new king and queen.

Homecoming royalty for the week included first grade attendants Grace Pietig, daughter of Bryan and Katie Pietig, and Braven Sjolie, son of Mark and Penny Sjolie. They presented the newly crowned king Jake Larsen and queen Ava Malone with a gift and sweet words of congratulations.

King candidates were Riley Casper, Jonah Denison and Jake Larsen, and the queen candidates were Stella DeKnikker, Gretta Larson and Ava Malone. Freshman class attendants were Ben Curd and Mallory Carlson; sophomore attendants were Carrie Poppen and Benny Wuestewald, and junior attendants were Savanna Perkins and Patrick Poppen.

Another longstanding tradition of coronation is class skits. It has become customary for senior parents to put on a skit. This year, the parents’ skit was “Glow Sharks.” Parents dressed in black and different animal costumes and danced, but all the audience saw were glow lights outlining their bodies, arms and legs as the lights in the gym were all turned off. The seniors then had to guess which parent was theirs. Not many guessed correctly.

The freshmen won the skit contest with theirs titled “National Geographic Aquarium Tour,” taking the class from exhibit to exhibit, which included the Great Shark, the Guppies, the most beautiful sea creatures, (also known as the lunch ladies) and then ending back with the Sharks. Sophomores followed with their skit titled “Scooby and the Sharks.” The juniors presented their version of “Shark Tales,” and the seniors ended the night with “The Case of the Football Game Fiend.”

Students are participating in dress-up days throughout the week. Monday was Class Color Day, and the senior class won, all dressed in black.

The night ended with the traditional burning of the “LP” on the playground, the perfect way to end the night and kick off the homecoming festivities.


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