Local poet hopes you are ‘Eager to Try’ his first book

Writing poetry provides a creative outlet


Jerry Abrahamson of De Smet published a book of original poems earlier this year, aptly titled “Book of Poetry.”

Abrahamson is a son of the late James and Wilma Abrahamson. He and his two brothers, Roger and Gayle, grew up on a farm near Oldham in a location known as Drakola. When he was five years old, his family was driving to visit relatives for Christmas when their car was hit by a grain truck. Abrahamson was left permanently disabled by this accident.

Following graduation from Oldham High School in 1975, he worked on the family farm for 11 years, and later, as a cook at various locations for another 11 as well as completing two more years of higher education. After living in an apartment for several years, he now resides at the Good Samaritan Society in De Smet.

He started writing poetry as a young man. “It’s how I got through a lot of stuff,” he shared. But he said he stopped when he was in his 20s after someone told him poetry books don’t sell very well.

“I found out that person was wrong,” he said. “You just have to put forth a little effort.”

He became more involved in writing poetry again about 18 years ago, and now he writes almost every day.

Many of Abrahamson’s writings reflect his feelings at the time — good days and sometimes not so good ones. He said it is an outlet that helps him cope with difficult situations, including the deaths of family members and friends.

“It’s how I handle it,” he said. He said some of the best hours for writing are the early hours of the morning. He might wake up at 3 a.m. and write until 6 a.m. and get a walk in before breakfast.

Writing is not his only talent. Abrahamson enjoys drawing as well, and when an artist came into Good Samaritan with a drawing lesson for interested residents, Abrahamson created a picture of a basket of flowers for the cover of “Book of Poetry.”

Abrahamson said Mary Lee, a nurse at Good Samaritan, helped him get his poetry book printed.

An in-person book signing has been put on hold because of COVID restrictions. The first batch of books that were available at Wards Store & Bakery in De Smet have sold out, but a new shipment will be available shortly. Staff at Good Samaritan can also assist people who wish to purchase a copy.

Abrahamson gave permission for the Kingsbury Journal to publish a poem from his book.

Eager to Try

I’ve always tried to be
Someone who was eager to try
Something that was different
From what was done today

It doesn’t always work
But you never know
You just feel like you want to be
The one that was eager to try


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