Meet the candidates for the April 13 election


The municipal election will be held on April 13, with the voting location at the Lake Preston Community Room right off of Main Street. Polls are open from 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Absentee voting can be done until April 12 at the Finance Office, or, if disabled, by messenger until 3:00 p.m. on election day. For questions regarding absentee voting, call (605) 847-4140.

Ward I

1-Kristen Longville- Council History: Ward I Incumbent (two-year term)

“If I were elected, I would continue to work hard and continue to build on the work that has already started. I am dedicated to improving our community and keep us growing and attracting new families and recreation. 

I have been on the council for two years, and I have learned so much in that short amount of time. I have lived in this community for six years, and I am building my family here with my husband in a community we love. I bring a background of marketing and management. Currently, I work at the Horizon Health Care clinic here in Lake Preston where I help get people enrolled in health insurance and schedule them to see our onsite provider. It is exciting and so rewarding to me to help grow the community you live in and continue to give back. 

The water project is very big for our community, and I am glad to see such dedication to our community. I would say I have been fairly close to the project as this project started during the first year I was elected, and I have been with it and support the project every step of the way. Our water and sewer systems are an interictal part of our community, and we use them to survive. It is very important that the project is completed in both phases, and we continue to work hard for the community to ensure it is completed.”

2-ALEX POST- Council History: Ward I Newcomer

“Help develop business and help bring new revenue to existing businesses. Make Lake Preston a cleaner/ safer place to live. Increase tourism. 

Student council, FFA officer, and a small business owner.

Yes, I have been following this subject. This has been a big concern to the general public and myself. If we don't get this under control, it could damage our water supply.”

Ward II

3-JOE SCHNELL- Council History: Ward II Incumbent (one-year term)

“The main areas I would like to work on are continuing to work on seeing the large water and sewer project the city has started into through to completion. Without the improvement in infrastructure, the city will find it impossible to find any ways to continue to add housing and any business expansion. 

I look forward to working with the new code enforcement officer the city has hired to help with improvements to the city. Through the years it has been difficult for the city council to enforce the different codes the city has in place to help with cleaning up and improving the appearance of the city. I would like to help find ways to work with residents to help meet the codes that will result in a cleaner looking city.

I would like to find programs like a clean-up and fix-up program to help with home improvement that will be difficult for some of the city residents to do without some help. 

Through my years of being a member of the community, I have been involved in numerous service organizations and city government. Currently I have devoted my main attention to Lake Preston Ambulance, Lake Preston Fire Department and the Lake Preston City Council. I have been active in Ambulance and Fire for nearly 40 years and have numerous years on the city council. I have more years of service on the city council than any other current member and can use my past experiences on the council to provide input on things that did or did not work in the past. I will be available anytime to help with any complications that arise during the city project that may need any immediate attention.

I have been involved in the city project years before the project as we now know it. A number of years ago, this project all started when Luke Holland informed the council that there needed to be a main infrastructure improvement as the city was not going to be able to continue just repairing the problem areas. I was on the city council at that time, and we agreed and okayed the money needed to do all the inspections and ground work needed to get the city on the state water and sewer project list and eventually up to the point of starting construction yet this year. 

I would like to continue serving on the city council and look forward to seeing what opportunities will arise as the result of the city improvements being currently made.”

4-Jeremy Woodcock- Council History: Ward II Newcomer

“Three steps to improve the city are housing, supporting current businesses while inviting new businesses and getting the infrastructure streets and sidewalks back to where they need to be.

My involvement in the city consists of being on the development board and the fire department. I was born and raised here and have owned a business here since 2000.

I’ve been involved with the water, sewer and street project since the beginning by going to the meetings and asking questions and giving ideas about what’s needed.”

Ward III

5-BRIAN VERHEY- Council History: Ward III Incumbent (one-year term)

“If elected, I would continue to push to improve our streets and alleys. We are already on track to make many more improvements to the community with cleanup projects all over town. As a community we have many good organizations already doing so many things we will see in the near future that will benefit our town greatly. We just need to push forward with things already in the works.

As a former member of the city council, fire department and ambulance, I believe my experience can help better understand the needs of these organizations that have done just an outstanding job for our community. As our community hopefully continues to grow, we will need to make sure that we can continue providing the excellent service we do today.

Moving on with the water and wastewater project, I have seen all the plan for this upcoming project, and I like it. The town will benefit greatly when this project is complete. Better water pressure, less flooding in the streets, streets replaced. With that said we are also aware there will be some growing pains. We will all have to be patient while this project is ongoing. Some of us will battle with alternate ways to get to our homes while construction is going on. Yes, this is going to suck, but in the end the sacrifice will be worth it.”

6-JIM CONRAD- Council History: Ward III Veteran

“I will work with everyone to see what can be done to explore every option to improve funding to facilitate street and alley improvement, maintenance and repairs. Not all streets will be repaved by the water project funding during the upcoming water and sewer projects, and many streets not part of the project are in dire need of improvements. Streets that are well maintained and in good repair help show others we care and love our community.

Continue the push started during my last term on the council to clean up properties in Lake Preston to make our city more attractive and continue to be a beautiful place to raise a family and bring more students to our awesome school system.

I want to continue to push for more active retail businesses in Lake Preston. This will help the city to grow and to budget more improvements that will benefit all area residents.

I am 66 years old and currently work full-time as the Safety Director and Quality Manager for a large regional animal feed manufacturer with four locations in South Dakota and two in North Dakota. I’ve been successful throughout my career advancing and taking on new tasks when the need arose. I’ve been in management of people, million-dollar budgets and equipment for well over 40 years. This work has included time in human resources, equipment maintenance and acquisition, road and highway construction, safety and waste water treatment. I am a current CDL holder and can and have operated trucks and heavy equipment. I spent five years as a Hazmat Incident Commander and technician overseeing emergency response and training alongside metropolitan fire departments for my former employer. I’m very familiar with OSHA and safety regulations that apply to industry and government entities and promote safe work practices in the workplace. I am also a small business owner located here in Lake Preston.

I’ve followed this project very closely for over five years by attending council meetings, before and after serving as Ward III council representative, and other public meetings. It has been a long time coming and an even much longer time that it has been needed. During my 14-month term on the council, we discussed and covered and approved many aspects of the initial planning and funding strategies to enable this project to move forward and become a reality. It will greatly improve the stability of the infrastructure of our community and improve life in Lake Preston for everyone in many ways for years to come.”


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