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Missing the smell of banana bread baking


Although I was sick with COVID for an extended period of time earlier this year, I never lost my sense of taste or smell. Since I like to play with recipes by adding different seasonings and ingredients, this was a good thing since I’m constantly relying on my senses when I cook. Unfortunately, I’ve recently noticed my sense of taste isn’t as sharp as it should be, and my sense of smell is almost gone…which stinks.

I’m hoping this will be a short-term side effect, because I miss playing around with recipes to try to improve them or just to try something new. Now, I have to stick to the basic recipes, because I’m afraid if I add extra seasonings, I won’t be able to taste or smell if I’ve added too much. It wouldn’t bother me since I can’t taste anything, but my family probably wouldn’t appreciate it.

I never realized how much I rely on my senses before, but I sure miss them now. I just hope they return soon, so I can get back to experimenting in the kitchen.

The recipe I’m sharing this week is my favorite banana bread recipe. I wouldn’t be able to smell it now if I made it, but I know it always makes the house smell great. When I want to switch this one up, I sometimes add a half cup of mini chocolate chips for a sweet treat. Enjoy!


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