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Random acts of kindness everyday thing for Iroquois teacher


Richard Henn teaches driver’s training and industrial arts at Iroquois High School. He is known for his thoughtfulness and random acts of kindness. It is not unusual for the teachers to show up at an in-service and find breakfast or lunch prepared for them. If in conversation he hears you need something for your classroom or home, it might show up suddenly in your classroom. I was foolishly complaining about having to wait for the microwave in the teachers’ lounge and the next day one appeared in my classroom. He also likes to surprise people with cups of coffee. Iroquois School District received the following letter from a parent.

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to write a little note and let you know that Mr. Henn has once again gone above and beyond for the students in his driver’s ed class. Even when Morgan and Brayden took his class in the past, he was constantly doing little random acts of kindness for the students and for their families and, as you already know, Calli is currently in his class.

Just this morning, my mom called and was just thrilled to have had Calli, her driving partner, Chloe, and Mr. Henn drive into her driveway, out of the blue. She was able to take some quick pictures and expressed to all of them just how “awesome” it all was to her. After they had left her house and as she was talking to me on the phone about her surprise yet welcomed visitors, this same group showed up outside of my work and Calli presented me with a cup of coffee that she had bought for me. Longer story short, aside from the girls getting some necessary town driving experience, they’re able to be out there making other peoples’ day more than a little brighter too, thanks to Mr. Henn and his thoughtfulness.

We had a short conversation, he and I, and, aside from expressing my own gratitude, I told him how emphatically my mom had expressed how much the experience and the thoughtfulness meant to her. In response, he humbly stated that he knows how much something like that would mean to those folks, especially since the kids mean so much to them when they are alone in their homes most, if not all, of the time.

I just wanted to pass all of this on to you as he is a genuine asset as their instructor and as a truly positive influence, which is always so greatly appreciated! Thank you for allowing me a portion of your time and I hope you all have a great rest of your day!

Sincerely and many thanks,
Crystal Knutson


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