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Regular Meeting of Lake Preston City Council


Monday, November 2nd, 2020

A regular meeting of the Lake Preston City Council was held at the City Community Room on Monday, November 2nd, at 7 p.m. Present were: Mayor Andy Wienk, John McMasters, Donna Bumann, Kristen Longville, Joe Schnell, Brian Verhey. Also, present Brenda Klug, Brian Zeeck, Doug Bumann, Matt Nutter from the Sheriffs Department.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Andy Wienk at 7:00 pm.

Motion by Donna Bumann, seconded by Joe Schnell to approve the agenda with one addition, approve law enforcement agreement. All in favor, motion carried.

No public comments.

Park Ave - Sheriff’s Department & Resident: Andy Wienk stated that the sheriff’s department and the resident were not going to make it to the meeting. The resident did not want to be involved in the meeting or to be known to the public. Originally the council asked the resident and the sheriff’s department to the meeting to get them together to discuss the problems on park Ave S. Typically the mayor and council members get several phone calls and messages about trucks, speeding, misc. on Park Ave. S. In which they were hoping to resolve some of the issues.

Motion by Brian Verhey, seconded by Joe Schnell to approve the October 6th regular meeting minutes. All in favor, motion carried.

Motion by Donna Bumann, seconded by John McMasters to approve the October 19th special meeting minutes. Brian Verhey abstained. All in favor, motion carried.

No committee reports.

Water/Sewer/Street Report: Brian Zeeck stated that they winterized the safe room, also fixed a door hinge. Plan to do some street sweeping before the snow comes to get the leaves off the roads. Discussed alleys, tending to a few certain ones before snow again. Valley FiberCom has installed everything for the city except the campground and the pool, they plan on waiting till next May. Discussed needing or not needing water in the pool over the winter months. Pool fencing was discussed, as they had planned in be here the 3rd week in October- still awaiting a time frame from them. Brian Zeeck stated that November 14th will be the last day for the rubble site to be open, gives them time to get it pushed up and burned.

Matt Nutter in at 7:14.

Finance Office Report: Brenda Klug stated that she had handed out all the tablets that were funded with COVID funds, but didn’t plan to use them until the December meeting.

Andy Wienk inquired if Matt Nutter had heard that the resident was not coming. Some discussion Matt Nutter stated that they have spent hours patrolling Park Ave for several hours, multiple warmings and citations have been issued. Discussed getting the truck signs back up and the speed limit signs adjusted. Donna Bumann stated that she wanted to make sure we are doing everything we can to solve the issue but there is not much more to do, its up to the sheriff’s department now.

Brenda Klug stated that minimum wage was going up, remember towards the beginning of the year. Online sales tax from online sales was discussed at a previous meeting, after some research an itemized sales tax spread sheet was found. Kristi Noem had declared Nov. 27th and Dec. 24th government holidays, an office desk was discussed- which is budgeted for the new year 2021, Tammy Anderson had sent out a letter from the county stating we will not have to pay for the GIS map this next year. Brenda Klug stated that an air cleaner had been purchased by a neighboring city, office peeps had left a quote- passing on it. Wednesday connecting point had came to clean up all the cords in the office, quoted firewall for the office. But Valley FiberCom had come on Friday, which was great- he organized cords took cords away etc. An Ambulance that had been sold to White a few years ago didn’t have the correct title, the title they currently have is our bucket truck- which will need to be transferred back to us. Brenda Klug had spoken to Elaine Blachford from the courthouse to look into where the correct title is. Discussed several large bills that still need to come in before the end of the year. Liquor licenses were discussed, our town can’t have any more liquor license according to the state-it goes off of population, but we can have multiple Malt Beverage-SD Farm Wine licenses as the council approves. A local business owner potentially wants to have SD Farm Wine available. Operating agreements were discussed, in which the plan is to update all the agreements together in February of 2021.

Motion by Donna Bumann, seconded by John McMasters to approve the following claims as presented: All in favor, motion carried.
A&B Business Inc. $67.38, printer contract; Allegra $307.08, 1000 brochures; Amazon $218.57, books, dvds, supplies; Ambill $1,295.00, ambulance; A&T $196.36, phones/tablets; Avera Health Plan $476.85, health ins.; Banner Ass., Inc $22,348.50, W & WW project; Barrett’s Flooring $4,852.80, office flooring; Connecting Point $55.00, ultra-service call; Cooks $2,513.61, city trash; Core & Main $288.13, water; Dakota Pump $965.70, pump clogged/water; DOR $228.67, taxes; DVL Fire & Safety $1,406.65, fire extinguishers; Edna Mae Pearson $227.20, ambulance bill refund; First National Bank $100.35, petty cash; Full Throttle Design $44.00, decals; Good Housekeeping $20.99, magazine; Henry Schein $212.63, ambulance; Josie Repair $144.17, JD mower; Kingbrook $6147.50, water purchased; Kingsbury Co. $1885.00, contract law; Kingsbury Journal $95.12, publishing; LP Auto $391.85, snow equipment; M & T Fire $80.00, water supplies; Maynard’s $24.55, supplies; McMasters Gravel $606.84, gravel; Metropolitan Compounds, Inc $1313.50, sewer chemical; Northwestern Energy $119.64, natural gas; Office Peeps $136.45, office supplies; SD One Call $44.10, September; Ottertail Power Co $30.07, ambulance electric; Outdoor Life $9.98, magazine; Prairie Ag Partners $351.16, ambulance; Runnings $347.67, supplies; SDARWS $420.00, membership dues; SDML $5,290.00, workmen’s comp; Tailored Structures LLC $50,035.65; The Arlington Sun $49.98, newspaper; The Pioneer Women $20.00, magazine; Milbank Winwater Works $405.80, water; Schnell Welding $1,500.00, merry-go-round.

Motion by Donna Bumann, seconded by Kristen Longville to approve the financial report. All in favor, motion carried.

Old Business:
No Building permits.

Nuisance Properties: Discussed what’s the status on using Dave Miller for code enforcement, Brenda Klug stated that last she heard he was going to do a drive around with Andy and look at addresses. Kristen Longville stated that she thinks we should try another year before completely deciding not to use him. After lots of discussion, Brenda Klug would be contacting him to see if our “down payment” could be used for next year.

New Business:
Alcoholic Beverage License Hearing: Donna Bumman inquired if Brian Verhey would be willing to give up his off-sale liquor license at the Other Bar if another business comes to town and would like one. After some discussion Brian Verhey stated he would entertain the though after the business is publicly displayed, currently no details are being released.
Motion by Joe Schnell, seconded by Kristen Longville to approve the New Horizon Lounges retail (on-sale) liquor license. Brian Verhey abstained. All in favor, motion carried.
Motion by Kristen Longville, seconded by Joe Schnell to approve the New Horizon Lounges package (off-sale) liquor license. Brian Verhey abstained. All in favor, motion carried.
Motion by Kristen Longville, seconded by John McMasters to approve The Other Bars retail (on-sale) liquor license. Brian Verhey abstained. All in favor, motion carried.
Motion by Kristen Longville, seconded by Joe Schnell to approve The Other Bars package (off-sale) liquor license. Brian Verhey abstained. Donna Bumann nay. Motion carried.
Motion by Kristen Longville, seconded by Brian Verhey to approve The American Legion (on-sale) liquor license. All in favor, motion carried.
Glacial Lakes Magazine Advertising: Brenda Klug explained that 4 organizations have split the price of advertising in the past but the 3 other organizations are not participating anymore. Donna Bumann stated that the Chamber has been advertising in Prairie Tracks and has gotten really good feedback. The large Ad was forfeited for 2021 because of the October 30th deadline but could still do the membership Ad. Motion by Donna Bumann, seconded by John McMasters to approve doing the membership with Glacial Lakes magazine for $200 for 2021. All in favor, motion carried.
Banner Bills- Grant Funds: Discussed that two bills from banner had came in adding up to approximately $28,000, in which we could pull from our grant money. Brenda Klug stated that Jonathan Peschong from the state said we don’t want to pull from the loan money to soon, was decided to submit for grant funds.

Rubble Site Fees: Council reviewed Arlington and DeSmet’s current fees, in the future we plan to accept more items then what we do now. Decided to get a committee together to set pricing for the new items we will be able to accept, discussed leaving what we currently accept as free; a benefit for the residents.

Christmas Decorations: Discussed when to get the Christmas light pole lights up and the Christmas tree lighting/Christmas in Our town will be November 29th.

Employee Reviews: Discuss in executive.

Snow Removal Help: Discussed needing a few truck drivers that could just be called on a whim to help move snow, previously there had been a few that had turned in applications. Motion by Donna Bumann. seconded by Kirstein Longville to hire Ron Brown and Rick Olson at $10.00 an hour for part-time snow removal help. All in favor, motion carried.

Employee/Council Concerns: Brian Zeeck stated that a resident hadn’t had a utility account for years, now a new meter had been installed. Discussed residents being able to turn off/on their own water, because they have the tool to do so themselves. Brenda Klug and Brian Zeeck explained several hunting houses in town that haven’t gotten billed for years. Now that we have caught all these accounts, they are being billed correctly. Kristen Longville stated that its not fair to the rest of the tax payers in the community; especially since the rates have went up. The few residents knew what they were doing, why would you be using water and not getting a bill. Discussed curb stops during the large water and wastewater project.
Brenda Klug inquired if she would be cleaning the new ambulance building as she does the community room. Brenda Klug stated that she planned on potentially putting together an informational video about the upcoming project, several new residents have inquired about the high water and sewer rates.
Donna Bumann had been asked about the rubble site; if we plan on accepting metal, discussed everything would need to be separated out. Christmas around town will be a bit different this year, Chamber is going to be doing a basket/light pole decorating contest. Donna Bumann expressed her concern with the COVID #s rising, encourage residents to follow CDC guidelines. If you’ve been exposed please take responsibility for your health and the people around you. Andy Wienk stated that our COVID restrictions were 6 months to early; everyone got tired of it and now doesn’t want to deal with it. If we would have waited maybe everyone wouldn’t be tired of it, and now its here in town-several cases. Kristen Longville inquired if we should be implementing the restrictions again, not worth implementing now but worth discussing; at this point most businesses were never over the 50%.
Brian Verhey inquired about a pothole on Fremont Ave., and also lots of fertilizer trucks have been taking Main St. Discussed having signs on Main St. that state No Thru Trucks. Inquired about the trash cans on Main St., if there was a schedule to check them every week or two.
Joe Schnell inquired if Donna Bumann had found any programs to help homeowners fix up houses.
Kristen Longville inquired about the status of the health board person, whom would declare a dog vicious. Inquired about getting gravel at the end of Main St. and 5th St., Brian Zeeck stated that he could put crushed asphalt but not gravel; discussed putting monster blocks on that corner. Kristen Longville reminded the city workers that they need to bring their daily log books to council meetings.

Law Enforcement Agreement: Motion by Donna Bumann, seconded by Joe Schnell to approve the law enforcement agreement. All in favor, motion carried.

Kristen Longville inquired if there had been anymore things happening in the park, if more cameras had been ordered.

Motion by Kristen Longville, seconded by Donna Bumann to go into executive session at 9:19 pm for personnel. All in favor, motion carried.

Council came out of executive session at 9:50 pm.

Mayor Andy Wienk declared the meeting adjourned at 9:50 pm.

Brenda Klug, Finance Officer Andy Wienk, Mayor

Published once at the approximate cost of $138.64


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