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Road kill peeps and banana split salad


Easter is right around the corner, and plans are starting to be made. As I was browsing through my recipes to decide what to take to our family gatherings, I was reminded of the time I decided to try something new and fun to take to Easter … homemade Peeps.

This was back when I was in my twenties and constantly trying to find new recipes to impress everyone at family gatherings. I didn’t pay attention to how many steps were in a recipe or how long it would take. I just searched for recipes no one else had ever made that looked fun to make and yummy to eat.

When I came across the recipe for homemade Peeps, I thought that would definitely be a winner. There weren’t many ingredients to make them, and who doesn’t love Peeps?

Unfortunately, it didn’t take me long to realize that my recipe choice was a huge mistake. Although it didn’t call for many ingredients, the combination was a huge mess. The marshmallow mixture was horrible to try to get into a piping bag, and what was left in the bowl hardened like a glue that took forever to soak and scrub off.

Then, there was the actual making of the Peeps. They sure made it look easy, but trying to get the marshmallow out of the bag and into the “simple” chick form was a nightmare. It wasn’t until the very end of the bag that I was able to get a couple to look right, but the rest were just long ovals with a lump at the end.

To make matters worse, my marshmallow mix must not have been right, because after sitting a short while, all of my creations started to flatten. The couple chicks that had initially looked pretty good ended up looking like flattened road kill.

After wasting so much time on them, I decided to bring my road kill creations to Easter anyway. Everyone got a good laugh, and a few brave relatives who tried my Peeps said they weren’t too bad, although I noticed them really having to gnaw on them to get a piece off.

Moral of the story … stick with simple recipes and don’t ever try making homemade Peeps.

This week I’m sharing a much easier and delicious recipe for a great salad that could even be served as dessert. Enjoy!


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