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Shortest month packs a punch


February is the shortest month of the year, but it is packed with a lot of events. Feb. 2 was Groundhog Day. He sure didn’t see his shadow around here with so much fog every day. Will April be a rainy season?

Feb. 14 is Valentine’s Day, a day to remember your sweetheart or special person.

I remember Valentine’s Day during my school days so long ago. It was a time when a large Valentine box was made by some of the students, and everyone would put their valentines to other members of their class in it. On that day, the cards – some hand-made and others purchased, were handed out. The teacher would have a party for the pupils afterward —a fun day. Valentines have changed over the years. They are not as elaborate. Some had suckers attached to them. I still have many of my valentines, some fancy, some a little silly. Some of the really old ones had accordion-type cutouts. You don’t see those anymore.

In February, we also honor two of our presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

If you were born on Feb. 29, you are a leap-year child.

Some Februarys have been very cold with lots of snow. We certainly can’t complain yet, but they say really cold temperatures are coming. (This prediction proved to be true!)

Do something nice for someone this week. A box of candy or flowers are the norm, but a big hug or kiss or “thank-you” goes quite well.

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