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Squirrel has successful Easter egg hunt


Dianne Larson, the Daron and Derick Larson families attended the grade school basketball tournament in Willow Lake, Saturday. Some of the Larson children participated.

Tyler and Brody Poppen of Watertown were Saturday visitors of Cork and Illdena Poppen.

We saw some robins; spring is here, I guess. Snowing here today, makes me wonder.

Easter season brings memories of coloring eggs. At first, I remember using watercolors to decorate them. Later, little tablets put into a cup of water, and a little vinegar, each holding different colors, using a white crayon to make designs and decals.

Our kids each had a basket which they placed for the Easter Bunny to fill and hide. I remember one basket was placed in the dryer. Needless to say, that took some time to find.

One Easter, our parents filled plastic eggs with goodies and hid for children to find. Each child had a plastic bag to put their treasures in. I remember one year a green plastic egg was placed in a crook of a tree. A squirrel found it, and we laughed how it examined such strange nuts. We were all amused by the squirrel’s behavior.

Must not forget how Easter brought out the fine clothes and fancy bonnets.

Now set aside the eggs, baskets and finery to remember the true meaning of Easter. A time we celebrate the Risen Lord, the sacrifice He made for us and the promise of forgiveness and eternal life.

A blessed Easter to all.


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