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Start baking with caramel apple cheesecake bars


It looks like the temperatures are finally done bouncing around and are going to be dropping down to the fall-like temperatures we knew would be coming sooner or later. Although I’m not looking forward to the cold, I am really looking forward to diving into some baking.

It looks like it will be freezing soon, so I am trying to get everything out of my garden while I still can. I thought things would have been done by now, but my tomatoes and peppers refuse to give up. I’m still getting a good gallon pail of tomatoes a day and have quite a few peppers trying to finish up.

I have to confess, I’m about “tomatoed out,” but knowing the end is in sight helps keep me picking. I do love seeing pantry shelves fill up, and I’m anxious to see what I end up getting out of my little garden this year.

I’m more anxious about getting all of my peppers out, because I use them a lot and didn’t get the overwhelming amount. I love having them all sliced up and ready to go in the freezer.

I’m just ready to put all of my canning things away and focus on baking. All summer and spring I’ve have been collecting tons of recipes that I’ve been excited to try out, but I’ve been saving them until the air conditioner was turned off, and the heat was turned back on.

The recipe I’m sharing this week isn’t a new one I’ve found, but it’s always a hit. It’s a perfect fall recipe. Enjoy!


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