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Thanksgiving goings-on


The Schlueters returned home after spending Thanksgiving Holidays with the Jeff Benedetti family in Tracy, Calif.

Mark and Kara Aughenbaugh and family were Thanksgiving Day guests of Kara’s family, the Nielsons of Brandt, S.D.

Rita Anderson hosted on Thanksgiving Day, Rick and Vicki Aughenbaugh, the Corey Aughenbaugh family of Sioux Falls, Rita’s son and family from Colorado, Gordie and Marilyn Skyberg, De Smet, and Lorraine McNiece from Huron. These families, plus Mark and Kara Aughenbaugh and family, attended the wedding and reception of Kelli and Joe Parsley in De Smet Saturday afternoon. Kelli is the daughter of Tim and Renae Aughenbaugh.

Leo Dunham of Viborg and Selma Dunham of Sioux Falls were home for Thanksgiving.

Richard and Nancy Bornitz and the Travis Bornitz family attended the donkey basketball game in Iroquois last Monday evening. Richard and Nancy Bornitz, the Travis Bornitz family, Kim Sherman and family were Thanksgiving Day guests of Nancy’s sister Linda in Huron.

Travis and Michelle Bornitz and family went to Sioux Falls on Friday for Thanksgiving with Michelle’s family. Richard and Travis Bornitz attended the SDSU playoff game in Brookings on Saturday.

Dean and Cody Reilly brought Adaline Reilly a Thanksgiving meal on Thursday, and on Friday afternoon, great-grandson Josh and Morgan Keating and family of Iroquois visited Adaline.

Steve and Lynn DeJong were Thanksgiving guests of Steve’s parents, Milo and Barb DeJong of Cavour.

The Clendenings were Thanksgiving guests of the Wehlander’s.

Marlin and Jeanette Clendening attended the Iroquois Methodist Church “Bread and Broth” supper for the Abbott House in Mitchell.

History Note

1919 – South Dakota Department of Game and Fish Law Book ---“It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to hunt or kill, by any means or device whatever, any deer, at any time except during the month of November of each year, within the boundaries of South Dakota. It is unlawful to construct, occupy, use any screen, blind, elevated scaffold or other device for the purpose of hunting, watching for or killing deer at the salt lick.” (Chapter 161, Laws of 1911, amended chapter 202, laws of 1915).


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