The houskeeper and her broom


Charles Borchard was the speaker at the Presbyterian Church Sunday.

Ava Fox, daughter of Jon and Mollie Fox, celebrated her birthday this week by making a trip to the Omaha Zoo with her family.

There is a huge new building in Bancroft being readied to store part of this year’s bountiful harvest. It was very interesting to watch the creation of this mammoth facility, layer by layer. The machinery used to get it this big and this high was truly amazing and fascinating. The building can hold 750,000 bushels of grain, much larger than what is already there.

Local legend

This week I’m going to tell you about a ‘legend’ that was very prominent in the area before I was born and while I was growing up. Perhaps there are some who remember and will correct me if I am wrong.

There was a bachelor, Jimmy Brown who lived in a brown house with white trim on the main street of town. He was a very small, skinny guy who had a housekeeper. I do not remember her name but she was always very particular to give her name as “Mrs. —” and say that she was his housekeeper. She was a very large lady, big-boned and heavy, all the things he was not, but they seemed to get along well.

That is, until one day she got upset and threatened to leave. She had a trunk that she was packing her things in, berating him with every movement, as the story goes. She had gone to the store some days previously to buy a broom. While she was packing, she very vehemently made it known she wasn’t going to leave that new broom for him. NO SIREE BOB! After all she had paid for it.

The problem was that it was too long to fit in the trunk. He wasn’t going to get it, and it wouldn’t fit. What to do, what to do? The only solution was to break off the handle so it would fit, she thought. So, she did, and threw the broken piece and the broom into the trunk, and slammed the lid shut.

But before they actually got on the road to ‘wherever’, they made up their differences and she decided to stay, short handled broom and all.

As an afterthought someone added that she had also bought a pound of butter, and of course it went into the trunk as well. Don’t have a clue as to its outcome.


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