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Nimble Wash introduces touchless car wash


Need to wash your car, but don’t feel like washing it yourself? It used to mean you had to travel to another town for a drive-through car wash experience, but not anymore. De Smet’s first drive-through, touchless car wash opened last week. Nimble Wash is located at the intersection of Highway 25 and Highway 14. It is on the northeast corner, behind Dakotaland Federal Credit Union.

Clinton and Brenda Efraimson, a husband-and-wife team, live off Highway 25 north of De Smet near Bryant. They had already opened a car wash in Bryant and were looking for other locations to install a car wash. At the same time, a De Smet couple, Bill and Connie Halverson, had a long-time running business called Black Tie Floral and Gifts, that had a couple of wash bays and a vacuum outside. The Halversons were closing their shop and selling the building. It was a good building for what the Efraimsons needed, so they purchased it. Soon the renovations began.

The Efraimsons modified and remodeled the entire building. Where two wash bays used to be, one remained a self-wash bay, and the other was converted into a drive-through car wash.

“It is a brushless, touch-free carwash,” said Efraimson. “The brand name is Petit Auto Wash System. We did a lot of research, and then we settled on this. We also have it in Bryant; it is really high-pressure, and it gives a really good quality wash. We had looked into many different types of car washes and chose this car washing system.”

The renovations included adding a pay station outside that utilizes three ways to pay, cash, credit/debit cards or a mobile phone app called Coinless.

“You can start the car wash without even opening the window of your car and select your wash package,” Efraimson said. “After you wash your car with the Coinless app, you can also turn on the vacuum with the app. The app can be used with the self-wash bay, which is handy. People love that app, and it’s user-friendly and works really well.”

When using the Coinless app for purchasing a carwash, the app will also give you some free time on the vacuums, making the carwash an even better value.

The touchless bay offers three levels of washes. The “basic” costs $10 and provides an underbody rinse, pre-soak, soap, wax, spot-free rinse and then dryer. The next level of service is the “better” package and costs $12. It provides the same level as the basic with some additions, adding an additional wheel and rocker panel pre-soak, a triple-foam soap for the car and a premium hot wax. The “best” wash costs $15 and provides all the services mentioned so far and adds more time as well as additional soaps, hot wax time and an extra high-pressure wash pass. The best package also comes with a clean guarantee; if you are not satisfied, they will give you another wash.

Renovations to the former Black Tie Floral and Gifts also included a division of the retail area on the east side of the building into three separate retail locations. An auto detailing and window tinting business is already open. A second business has leased a space for a bait and ammo shop opening in the near future.. The third retail space is available for lease.

“Nimble Wash is planning to have a grand opening in the near future, so watch for that.” said Efraimson. “We are excited to be part of the De Smet community and hope to have to a lot of clean vehicles running around in Kingsbury County.”


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