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Very good Peruvian food in Iroquois? You betcha!


Buenisimo translates into English as very well or very good. This means when people say Buenisimo Peruvian Food, they are saying "very good" Peruvian food.

Benjamin Machtemes, the owner of Buenisimo Peruvian Food, opened a food truck, from which he has been selling his tasty cuisine.

Machtemes is surrounded by family and friends who are very willing to help see this business be successful. It takes a dedicated crew to make it happen. Machtemes’s grandparents, Stu and Deb, his girlfriend, Isis, and her mom, Luz, can be seen working in the trailer that his dad, Brian, keeps ready for the next event. The first to greet you at the window is often his mom, Melissa.

“My passion for Peruvian food and cooking stems from the many nights Luz and Isis shared their cooking and recipes with me,” said Machtemes. “I originally didn't know much about Peruvian culture, but their willingness to share and express it was an experience I wanted to take and let other people enjoy. Our collective dream was to build a mobile restaurant that cooks the recipes and shares the culture with guests who may not know anything about Peru.”

From these evenings sprang the dream to share this culture with others.

“This business has taken over a year of planning, practicing and preparing to get it to where you see it today,” Machtemes said. “The complexity of the menu items always brings a challenge on how we can serve authentic food, with time in mind to our guests. This constant challenge always forces us to think outside the box, and it creates an environment of creativity and innovation. Pushing yourself to grow the business while still staying true to the menu is the challenge that I enjoy most about the business.”

As Machtemes works on learning new dishes and experimenting with what works well in a food truck, the menu changes. His truck will frequent the same places on a weekly basis. The customers can find new menu items as he tries to bring two to three new menu items each month. He provides dishes with complex flavors and simple ones catering to the customers’ preferences. He recently added fresh brewed coffee and breakfast items.

“Many Peruvians have begun to call South Dakota home, and many even call the surrounding area home,” said Machtemes when asked about the future of Buenisimo. “I think towards the future — the dream would be to build a more permanent location. This would give even more a sense of community for the individuals in the area and allow the Peruvians to feel as if the restaurant was one that was pulled directly from their home country. This physical location would enable more people to receive not only culturally accurate food but also be immersed in the music, traditions and practices.”

Machtemes is thankful for the community support.

“We can't thank the people enough for their gracious support in our first year of operation.”

The best way to find Buenisimo’s schedule is to follow them on Facebook: BuenisimoSD. The schedule is typically posted on Mondays.


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