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Winning the family overwith one pot tuna casserole


I think almost everyone grew up eating their mom’s tuna casserole, and they either loved it or hated it. I don’t remember loving it when I was a kid, but I do now. Back then, it was just a matter of we ate what was on the table, or we didn’t eat anything at all.

Although I like my mom’s original tuna casserole, my family isn’t a big fan of tuna, and I know a lot of other people aren’t either. I’ve tried a bunch of different recipes to try to win them over, but it’s always a tough battle if they can taste the tuna at all.

I’ve found that the only way to get them to eat any tuna is to find recipes that only call for small amounts of tuna or recipes with tons of flavor that hide the taste of tuna. Normally, if I hear them arguing over whether it’s tuna or chicken, because they can’t tell the difference, I know I’ve done a good job.

I’ve found that recipes that have cheese in them hide the taste of tuna a little more. You can add any kind of cheese your family likes. It also helps if I add some extra seasonings in to cover up the flavor.

The recipe I’m sharing this week is great for families who want a tuna casserole, but who have family members who don’t care for tuna. There has very little tuna in it, so you can barely taste it. If you spice it up with the casserole tip seasonings, they’ll think its chicken! Enjoy!


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