Never lose hope


A man approached a little league baseball game one afternoon. He asked a boy in the dugout what the score was.

The boy responded, "Eighteen to nothing — we're behind."

"Boy," said the spectator, "I'll bet you're discouraged."

"Why should I be discouraged?" replied the little boy. "We haven't even gotten up to bat yet!"

This little boy still had hope. He looked past his current circumstances with anticipation that something better could still happen. With all the bad news we hear about these days, hope can seem impossible. We face trials and hardships. We face uncertainties. We realize plans or goals we once hung on to never came to be. Life just gets harder. We lose hope.

But there is good news. We can have hope when we understand where true hope lies. Romans 5:5 encourages us “Hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.”

In the verses preceding this verse, Paul encourages us that when we face trails in life, the quality of our character is tested, and when we have endured, our character is proven. Proven character brings a hope that does not disappoint because it relies on God’s power, promises and love. Because Christ died for us, when we trust Him as Savior, we are made right before Him and delivered from the future wrath of God.

We hope and trust in the love of God for us, a love that will see us through hard times. Because He loves us, there is a purpose for our lives. He promises that even though life may be hard now, He is still in control. He still loves us and understands all we are facing. Maybe like the little boy playing baseball, we can hope the best is yet to come!

Life is never empty or hopeless when it is filled with the love of God, a love that will never disappoint or let us down.


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